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Breaking News! – Comic Book Movies!

Wow, this has been an exciting week for the world of comic book movies.  We have gotten everything from new info on the Spider-man reboot, to announcements of new movies.  Here is a quick recap of the news:

Spider Man Reboot News:

It was recently announced that the Spider-Man reboot would actually tie-in to the original three movies.

The film will start out showing Peter (played by Tobey Maguire) and MJ (still played by Kirsten Dunst) getting married.  The film will then show a montage of their married life together (while playing the opening credits).  The scene will then shift to Mephisto’s realm.  Peter and MJ agree to change time so that their marriage never happened in order to save Aunt May.  The story will then transition to the new continuity with a new peter and a new MJ.

Spider-Man Brand New Day will be released in 2012.

Ryan Reynolds Signs on For New Roles:

In addition to being Green Lantern and Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has also signed on to play Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four Reboot.  He has also signed on to be Robin in the new Batman film, Bucky in Captain America, Aquaman for the newly announced DC adaptation of Aquaman, and Jughead (from Archie comics).

Power Pack: The Movie:

And we thought that Disney Buying out Marvel would be a bad thin!  Disney  has just announced a Power Pack Movie!  This new feature will have everyone’s favorite preteen superheros fighting to save Micky Mouse!  And yes, Miley Cyrus is going to be in this film, as well as the Jonas Brothers.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (4/5)

Ok, I confess, I did not expect much out of this movie.  Can you blame me?  It sounds like a terrible idea for a movie.  “Lets take a children’s book, completely change the plot, then make it a movie!”

But somehow it works.

The key to this movie is the comedy.  This is a very funny movie.  The plot is not really supposed to mean much.  You can’t take this film seriously (though, who would try?)  Just sit back and laugh.

This film does try to add more to the film than laughs.  There is a father/son kinda story, and a romance…but they are kinda shallow and predictable (though funny.)

There is not really much to say about this film, other than the fact that it is a decent children’s movie, with humor the parents will enjoy aswell.  Watch it with your kids; or, if you don’t have kids, watch it when you need a good laugh.

(btw, Happy Bday Dad!)


Install Files That Download

[warning: this is a post where I rant about something computer-related that bugs me…so its probably not good quality…or interesting if your not a nerd]

Its a tend that I am seeing more and more often.  You want to get a program, so you download it…it only took 1 second…that seems fast.  You run the install file and you see “downloading install files.”  I especially see this when working with anti-virus/anti-spyware software. (take AVG for example)

I know why they do this, so that you always install the latest version.  (something extra important with anti-viruses) but I don’t like it.  Why?  Because it creates more problems than it solves!  Often times someone wants me to work on their computer…its got a virus.  My fitst instinct isto install my favroite anti-virus/spyware programs and run them…but what is the virus is making it impossible to download files.  This used to be an east problem, just download to a flash drive from another computer then install it off that.  Right?  Wrong, becuase now I need internet access to install it!

But this is not just a problem for virus removal, its annoying for those who do not have good internet connections.  Argh.

Ok, done venting…

But if you have this same problem, I do know a great anti-malware program that has a proper install file (at least, it does at the time of writing)  Its called malwarebytes and its verry effective.  I suggest you give it a shot, you may like it!


9 (5/5)

I recently picked up 9, knowing nothing about it except for the fact that Tim Burton was involved somehow.  Later, I learned that 9 started out as a short film by a film student named Shane Acker.  His short was so good, it recived a nomination for an acadamy award, and he was later given the opportunity to turn it into a full-fledged feature.

9 is a unique film.  Its setting is a post apyctolptic world inhabited by 9 living rag-dolls.  The setting is as breathtaking as it is original.  The 9 characters each have their own distinct and memorable personalities.  While there is dialoge, it is kept to a minimum(the short had no voice acting); yet the character’s thoughs and feelings are perfectly clear.

There are also a surprising amount of action scenes, all of which are exciting and fun to watch.

The story is amazing, and the film really pulls you in.  I can’t really explain it well enough…

so I think the best solution is to show you the original short so that you may see a small sample of the epicness that 9 has to offer.

Overall, I would reccomend this film to anyone.


Signs of a Good Film

So yesterday we all went down to my granny’s house and we wound up watching School of Rock on TBS.  Now, if you have not seen School of Rock, then you need to go right now and rent it.  This film is one of my favorites, and its very hard to top.

So I got to thinking about some of the qualities that define a truly great film.  And while I can’t list ALL of them, I would like to share what I feel are some of the most important qualities some films have.  (and yes, I think school of rock has all these qualities)

  • Characters – This one should go without saying.  No film is worth watching unless you can like the characters.  Even if you can’t relate to them, you’ve got to love them.
  • Don’t want it to end – This is kind of an effect of having really good characters.  It is when you don’t want the film to end, and you want to see more of these characters.  But I had better clarify what I mean, I do not mean that the movie is too short,.  School of rock tells a great story, and while it ends when it needs too, you still want to see more of these characters.  I also do not mean it needs a sequel. (a school of rock sequel would probably be terrible)  I just mean that the film is so good, you are almost sad to see it end.
  • Seems to get better and better – This is a hard one to tackle.  While there are many great films that are only good one time, the best films seem to get better every time you watch them.  (that is assuming that there is some time in-between viewings)
  • Suspension of Disbelief – This is probably the most important aspect of any movie. (or book, or videogame for that matter)  I have heard this term explained in many ways, but the best explanation is that the viewer just believes what is happening and is totally immersed in it.  The way I describe it is when you are watching a good movie, the rest of the world seems to melt away, and its almost as though you are in the little world that this movie has created.  If a movie does not pull you in, then the movie has not done its job.

While you can probably think of many more qualities of a good movie.  (I no doubt will come up with some more later)  I think you can agree that these are all important qualities for a film to have.

…perhaps I shall do one of these for videogames sometime….


Valkyrie (4/5)

Valkyrie is basicly the true story of a bunch of germans who wanted to kill Hitler and end his reign of terror.  A soldier, who was disfigured in the war, named Stauffenberg hatches a plan to kill Hitler and replace his regiem with a new government.  His plan involes using one of Hitlers own plans, operation Valkyrie, which is where the movie gets its name.

While I don’t know how historicly accurate this film is, I can certainly say that it is a great movie.  Admittedly, it is hard to follow at times (due mostly to its large cast) but it still manages to create a great atmosphere.  At times I was literaly at the edge of my seat.  In addition, the scenes with Hitler are chilling, you can almost feel the evil comeing from him.  The film really pulls you in and holds your intrest in a way that few films can.

I would definely suggest you rent this movie, even if you are not a fan of war movies.


The Ocarina Network

I have found another excellent source of Ocarina music and info, The Ocarina Network.  This fourm has anything you would want to know about ocarinas!  It is much better than that other place I found.  The downside?  You must register before you can freely roam the site.  But its well worth it for anyone interested in the Ocarina.

btw, I will try to post up some vids of me playing as soon as I can figure out a way to get some decent sound quality.

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