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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (3.5/5)

If Mario can have successful RPGs then why can’t Sonic?  That, my friends, is the premise of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the Nintendo DS.  And while his recent console games have been….well, awful, The Dark Brotherhood manages to deliver a satasfing gaming experience.

I don’t want to give away much of the plot, but this game pits Sonic and his pals against a new foe, someone so bad, that Robotnik even chooses to fight alongside Sonic rather than against him.  You shall revisit old haunts from some of Sonics old games, as well as some totally new places.  The Dark Brotherhood acualy manages to create an interesting story. (if you can ignore Big the Cat…don’t worry, you are only required to have him on your team during one part) They make the improve upon pre-existing while adding some new, memorable, faces.

But it is still a Sonic game, so not all is well.  You find yourself engaging in battle very often and the battle system grows old quickly.  It won’t be long before you find yourself avoiding bad guys and fleeing fights just to keep from battle system overload.  Also, when you pick your attacks, you pick all the moves for the round at once…kina like setting a playlist.  This is a very bad idea.  Often times you will regret the way you set the playlist and wish you could pick your moves one at a time.  But if you can get past these annoyances, you may acually have a good time.

If you are still a Sonic fan, and you enjoy RPGs, then this is a game for you!

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