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Valkyrie (4/5)

Valkyrie is basicly the true story of a bunch of germans who wanted to kill Hitler and end his reign of terror.  A soldier, who was disfigured in the war, named Stauffenberg hatches a plan to kill Hitler and replace his regiem with a new government.  His plan involes using one of Hitlers own plans, operation Valkyrie, which is where the movie gets its name.

While I don’t know how historicly accurate this film is, I can certainly say that it is a great movie.  Admittedly, it is hard to follow at times (due mostly to its large cast) but it still manages to create a great atmosphere.  At times I was literaly at the edge of my seat.  In addition, the scenes with Hitler are chilling, you can almost feel the evil comeing from him.  The film really pulls you in and holds your intrest in a way that few films can.

I would definely suggest you rent this movie, even if you are not a fan of war movies.

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