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9 (5/5)

I recently picked up 9, knowing nothing about it except for the fact that Tim Burton was involved somehow.  Later, I learned that 9 started out as a short film by a film student named Shane Acker.  His short was so good, it recived a nomination for an acadamy award, and he was later given the opportunity to turn it into a full-fledged feature.

9 is a unique film.  Its setting is a post apyctolptic world inhabited by 9 living rag-dolls.  The setting is as breathtaking as it is original.  The 9 characters each have their own distinct and memorable personalities.  While there is dialoge, it is kept to a minimum(the short had no voice acting); yet the character’s thoughs and feelings are perfectly clear.

There are also a surprising amount of action scenes, all of which are exciting and fun to watch.

The story is amazing, and the film really pulls you in.  I can’t really explain it well enough…

so I think the best solution is to show you the original short so that you may see a small sample of the epicness that 9 has to offer.

Overall, I would reccomend this film to anyone.


Signs of a Good Film

So yesterday we all went down to my granny’s house and we wound up watching School of Rock on TBS.  Now, if you have not seen School of Rock, then you need to go right now and rent it.  This film is one of my favorites, and its very hard to top.

So I got to thinking about some of the qualities that define a truly great film.  And while I can’t list ALL of them, I would like to share what I feel are some of the most important qualities some films have.  (and yes, I think school of rock has all these qualities)

  • Characters – This one should go without saying.  No film is worth watching unless you can like the characters.  Even if you can’t relate to them, you’ve got to love them.
  • Don’t want it to end – This is kind of an effect of having really good characters.  It is when you don’t want the film to end, and you want to see more of these characters.  But I had better clarify what I mean, I do not mean that the movie is too short,.  School of rock tells a great story, and while it ends when it needs too, you still want to see more of these characters.  I also do not mean it needs a sequel. (a school of rock sequel would probably be terrible)  I just mean that the film is so good, you are almost sad to see it end.
  • Seems to get better and better – This is a hard one to tackle.  While there are many great films that are only good one time, the best films seem to get better every time you watch them.  (that is assuming that there is some time in-between viewings)
  • Suspension of Disbelief – This is probably the most important aspect of any movie. (or book, or videogame for that matter)  I have heard this term explained in many ways, but the best explanation is that the viewer just believes what is happening and is totally immersed in it.  The way I describe it is when you are watching a good movie, the rest of the world seems to melt away, and its almost as though you are in the little world that this movie has created.  If a movie does not pull you in, then the movie has not done its job.

While you can probably think of many more qualities of a good movie.  (I no doubt will come up with some more later)  I think you can agree that these are all important qualities for a film to have.

…perhaps I shall do one of these for videogames sometime….

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