Install Files That Download

[warning: this is a post where I rant about something computer-related that bugs me…so its probably not good quality…or interesting if your not a nerd]

Its a tend that I am seeing more and more often.  You want to get a program, so you download it…it only took 1 second…that seems fast.  You run the install file and you see “downloading install files.”  I especially see this when working with anti-virus/anti-spyware software. (take AVG for example)

I know why they do this, so that you always install the latest version.  (something extra important with anti-viruses) but I don’t like it.  Why?  Because it creates more problems than it solves!  Often times someone wants me to work on their computer…its got a virus.  My fitst instinct isto install my favroite anti-virus/spyware programs and run them…but what is the virus is making it impossible to download files.  This used to be an east problem, just download to a flash drive from another computer then install it off that.  Right?  Wrong, becuase now I need internet access to install it!

But this is not just a problem for virus removal, its annoying for those who do not have good internet connections.  Argh.

Ok, done venting…

But if you have this same problem, I do know a great anti-malware program that has a proper install file (at least, it does at the time of writing)  Its called malwarebytes and its verry effective.  I suggest you give it a shot, you may like it!


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