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Top 5 Games to Keep You From Feeling Lonely on Valentines Day

Well, Valentine’s day is almost here.  This means couples all around the country are going to be celebrating the fact that they are not single…or something like that.  Unfortunately we are nerds, and most of us are single.  So what are we going to do?  What we always do….PLAY VIDEOGAMES!!!  So here is a nice little list of games (from my collection) that will keep you from feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day.

5. InFamous

Being at the center of the explosion that killed thousands of people and threw a town into total anarchy, makes you seem responsible.  As a result, everyone hates you.  As you try to win back the trust of the citizens (or just fry them) you realize you only have one friend in the world…and he is kinda creepy. No one feels more alone than Cole, which will make your pathetic love life look a lot better by comparison!  Not to mention, this game to pure fun.  InFamous is a perfect way to spend an otherwise lonely v-day.

4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (1 or 2)
In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, you are never alone!  You play as a team of superheroes and they fight bad guys and save the world.  With plenty of characters you can choose from to make your team, you will never feel lonely again*!  The best part of this game is that you can play with up to four friends!  Invite your other single nerd friends to come over for a totally un-romantic, v-day game marathon.  I mean, with all these superheroes punching supervillians, who needs females?

*note: you will, in fact, feel lonely again as soon as you turn off your tv

3. Super Paper Mario

In my opinion, this is the best Mario game for the wii.  Its creative, its innovative, its epic, and its sweet story actually fits in well with the holiday.  Play this game and you are guaranteed to have a great v-day.

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
V-Day is all about romance, and what is the opposite of romance?  FIGHTING!  That’s why this game is perfect for V-Day, what can be more entertaining than seeing your favorite Nintendo characters battle it out?  Seeing it happen with friends!  Yes, this game is also a great multiplayer game for you to play with your other dateless friends on V-Day.

1. Spirit Tracks
Spirit Tracks differs from other zelda games in that the princess accompanies you throughout the entire game.  And she is not just a voice to give you “hints” and remind you of what to do, like Navi or Minda.  Zelda, stuck in a spirit form, can possess walking suits of armor called phantoms.  Many of the puzzles and battles in this game can only be completed by having Zelda and Link work together.  This game is certainly keep you from feeling lonely as you immerse yourself into the amazingly charming world that Nintendo has put together for us.

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