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Avatar (4.5/5)

Last Friday my brother and I decided to go see Avatar.  We went online to check the prices, and we were blew away.  The cost of an evening viewing plus the cost of using the 3d glasses was $11.75 each.  Wow.  Do we really want to pay that price?  After a little debate, I decided to take the chance.  So was it worth the money?

Yes.  This is one of the best movies I have seen in ages.  The story is that of a world aptley named Pandora.  It is a source of a valuable mineral (unobtainium) that is worth millions on Earth.  Humans have landed there and are trying to extract it, but they are having trouble with the natives, the Na’vi.  The Na’vi live in a big tree…one that is setting on the largest deposit of unobtainium.  In an attempt to gain the Na’vi’s trust, the humans start growing Na’vi bodies (called avatars) that the humans can gain control of and appear to be one of them.

The effects are amazing, and the acting is spot-on. The plot is deep (but not too deep) and draws parallels to our history.  At three hours, this film is very long, yet it never seems to lag or get boring.  My only complaint (aside from the annoying kids talking throughout the whole movie) was the fact that some of the characters don’t seem compeltely developed.  Most of the movie focuses on the two main characters, and we never really get to see who the other characters really are, but it is not a big enough of a complaint to ruin the movie.

Overall, this is a masterpiece of a movie.  I would reccomend it to anyone (especially sci-fi fans.)

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