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Batman: Arkham Asylum (4.5/5)

Ever wished you could be Batman?  If you have, this is the game for you. Arkham Asylum captures the feel of Batman perfectly.  The game starts with Batman bringing Joker to Arkham, but the Caped Crusader knows something is wrong; Joker was too easy to catch.  Turns out, Joker wanted to get caught, as soon as he arrives at Arkham, chaos ensures.  Joker, with the help of Harley Quinn, gains control of the asylum, leaving Batman to regain control.

The combat consists of two basic gameplay mechanics: There is the regular battles which use a simple, but pleasing combat system.  You can string together impressive combos and preform mind-blowing attacks.  The is also what is called “invisible predictor” mode where you sneak around in the shadows plotting your attacks and picking off armed criminals one by one.  Both modes offer a great experience and never seem to get old.

Arkham island is large, and you will do a lot of exploring using both your wit and your impressive arsenal of gadgets.  Hidden all throughout the island are riddles left by none other than the riddler.  These riddles take the form of hidden trophies, invisible question marks (that can be viewed only when in detective mode, a mode that allows you to do things such as see through walls), and actual riddles that involve finding a object that relates to a Batman character.   These riddles add a lot of gameplay value and allow the player to unlock plenty of extras (from character interview tapes, to character trophies, and even challenge maps that can be played).

The atmosphere is dark and gritty, it fits in well with the Batman universe.  Kevin Conroy (From Batmas TAS) lends his voice to Batman, and does a great job at it.  Mark Hammil (also from TAS) revives his role as Joker, providing what I belive is the greatest portrayal of Joker to date (Heath Leger included).

This game would almost be perfect, but there are two flaws.  First of all, the riddles that involve finding a hidden question mark are rather unenjoyable, and provide more headaches than entertainment.  This however is a small flaw, the real problem is the ending.  The story starts out great and keeps getting better and better until the last 10 minuets of the game, which suck.  Not only is the ending poorly written, but the final boss is easy and boring.

Overall, Arkham Asylum is a beautiful game, and I would reccomend it to anyone.  (even if you are not a Batman fan!)


Best and Worst of 2009 (Movies)

Well, 2009 is over and I thought I would like to do a little list of my favorite films of the year*.  So here they are, my favorite (and lest favorite) films of 2009, hope you enjoy!

(*Note: This is based only on films I have seen)

Funniest Movie of 2009: Paul Blart Mall Cop
(Runner Up: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs)

Most Epic Action Movie of 2009: Avatar
(Runner up: Taken)

Favorite Animated Film of 2009: 9
(Runner up: Up)

Movie I most Avoided: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
(Runner up: G-Force)

Favorite Villain of 2009: Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)

Biggest Disappointing film of 2009: X-Men: Origins Wolverine (Although I still love it)

Most Surprisingly Good film of 2009: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Favorite Male Character:Paul Blart (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)
Favorite Female Character: Susan (Monsters vs. Aliens)

Worst Film of the Year: Night at the Museum 2

Favorite Film of the Year: 9

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