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6 Random Quotes from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I recently bought seasons 1 and 2 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at target for only 17 dollars.  This show is great!  Will Smith is halarious.  So here are 6 quotes from the show (1 random quote for each season) hope you enjoy them!

1 – Uncle Phil: Will, there’s something you should know: sometimes parents just don’t understand.

2 – Carlton: Will everybody knows why your in training. No fats, no chocolate, and no women.

Will: Then i should probably cancel my date with that fat chocolate woman!

3Will: Hey mom, it’s me. (pause) No, it’s Will. (pause) Will Smith! Hey, there is alot of drama cutting loose out here. (pause) No, I’m not in trouble, but somebody we know is a grandma. (pause) Mom wait, I didn’t mean you-Mom, Mom, stop crying Mom. No it’s not me, Carlton’s the father. (pause) Stop laughing Mom.

4Vivian: I wish you had told me Will . . . I really wish you had told me.

Will: I asked Geoffrey to tell you!

Geoffrey: I thought it would be more fun to do it this way . . . And I was right!

5 –  Santa Claus: Be a good boy, and tell Carlton to stop faxing me. I cannot get him into Princeton.

6Will: (to Carlton) There’s a beautiful woman talking to me, but I don’t expect you to understand that!


Post Number 600, Year Number 3, and Excuse Me, Princess!

Yay!  This is my 600th post!

To celebrate, I am going to post a video I found on youtube containing every instance of “Well, excuse me princess” in the entire LOZ cartoon series! yay….

um, yeah…happy postaverery….OMG, I JUST CREATED A NEW WORD!  Birthversery, you have a new little brother, postversery.

I think I need to establish a definition for this made up word.  A postversery is a celebration of writing 100 posts.  So I suppose this is my 6th postversery.  Well, here is to another 6!

After writing this post, I decided to look at some of my older posts when I discovered something awesome.  This is not just my 6th postversery, its also the 3 year aniversery of my blog.
I can remember it now as though it were a wavy flashback…
It was march of 2007, my first blog had been turned into a linkfarm by the evil villains that were hosting it.  I was distraught, I had over 100 posts on that blog, but I was determined to rebuild.  I had been able to salvage a few posts (with the help of Babcom) and was looking for a new place to host my blog.  After a brief stint of sharing a blog with Earl and DS, I started a new place at iblog365.  JamesDojo 2.0 was born on March 28th of 2007.  After 9 months of posting, I had a disagreement with iblog 365 (they were putting ads in my blog!)  So I moved all my posts to wordpress, and I changed the sites name to JamesDojo 3.0.
Ah, so many good times….
Well, thanks everyone for reading my posts (all 4 of you)

Spring Break (2010)

Ah, my first college spring break.  It is this time of year that people my age go out into the real world and party with others.  Its a crazy time filled with rabble-rousing and debauchery.  (yes, I said rabble-rousing)

Luckily for me, I am a nerd and therefore I was not tempted to go out and “paar-tay.”  (yes, I said “paar-tay”)  I was perfectly content to play PlayStation (so much InFamous), watch psych with my mommy, and schedule my check up with the cardiologist.  (A heart doctor, for those of you who don’t know)

Overall, it was a great week to be a geek.  I got to try some demos thanks to PSN, and got my first taste of the battlefield series by playing demoes for Bad Company 2 and 1943, both of wich were awesome.  I even got to sample Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing (suprisingly fun, but no Mario Kart)

Outside of videogames, I went outside the house a few times and even got a nice new hat and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dvds.  I hung out at the convienience store and bugged earl (he works there) with DS (the guy, not the handheld gaming system) and my brother a couple of times.  We even all went to a concert. (but I already blogged about that)

It was a great spring break and I now feel relaxed and ready to take on UNA.  (well, still not ready to face some of my crazier professors…but I am more ready than usual.)

(btw, I am not completely sure why I put a picture of Steve Urkel in this post…I guess because he is a nerd and I had a nerdy time this week…or something like that)


InFamous (4.5/5)

Imagine living in Empire city, a huge, prospering metropolis. All is well until an explosion destroys a large chunk of the city.  Thousands are dead, and a plague breaks out.  In the chaos, powerful gangs take control of the city, taking what they want and killing countless innocents.  Now imagine that that same explosion gave you power.  The power to change this wasteland into whatever you want.  The question is, will you fight for the greater good, or just take what you want?

InFamous is all about choices.  But the choices are not just good vs. evil, they are self-sacrafice vs. self intrest.  You actions shape how the citizens of empire city view you, and how your relations with other characters go.  You will really have to decide who you want to be a hero or infamous.

The story with this game is amazing.  The characters feel real and all have their own arcs.  The ending will blow your mind.  The plot for this game is acually better than the plot of a lot of movies I have seen.  The game controls well, and really gives you a sense of power (especially towards the end of the game.)  Reallly, this game is almost perfect.

But there are a few flaws.  The when you jump, the game pulls you into nearby objects, which allows for some neat acrobatic stunts and you make your way across rooftops.  However, the system also makes it hard to do things like get down from the roof of a building.  Some of the missions get repetitive, and by the end it seems as though they just keep throwing more and more guys at you instead of coming up with more unique ways to challenge you.

However, these problems are not too bad and won’t keep you from enjoying this game.  If you have a PS3, you owe it to yourself to buy this game.


InFamous: Post Blast

Ok, I just beat InFamous.  (That review is coming soon)  While searching the internet for refrences to a sequel, I stumbled across something interesting.  It turns out that Sucker Punch (through IGN) has release a 4-part free downloadable comic that servers as a prequel to the game.  It looks pretty interesting, and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the first two weeks after the explosion.

You can download it here

Or, it can also be found on InFamous Wiki here


5 Random Quotes for March (2010)

  1. A library is thought in cold storage.  ~Herbert Samuel
  2. Who is wise?  He that learns from everyone.  Who is powerful?  He that governs his passions.  Who is rich?  He that is content.  Who is that?  Nobody.  ~Benjamin Franklin
  3. The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.  ~Author Unknown
  4. There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared:  twins.  ~Josh Billings
  5. A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.  ~Joan Welsh

Planet Ink

I’m not much of a concert goer.  I typically perfer to stay home and blog about video games, but last night I went to see Planet Ink at the release party for their new (2nd) self titled CD.

I origianally showed up because I am friends with their lead guitarist, James Sherril.  (He’s the guy you can blame for getting me hooked on Star Wars)  I had never acually heard the band before, but they were awesome!  Picked up their new CD, and got a free copy of their first CD, Trip’s the Hound.  Really fun.

Here is a video of them playing.  James is the one playing guitar and singing.  (though they all share vocals for different songs)

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