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Portal 2 – Both GLaDOS and Chell are “Still Alive”

I was shocked and amazed to find that the cover story for this month’s Game Informer was Portal 2.  Yeah, Portal 2…blows, your mind doesn’t it?  According to the magazine, players can revive their role as chell in this new installment that takes place 100 years after the first game.  Yes, I typed that right, 100 years.  Apparently, Chell has been in a stasis chamber deep in the interior of appature science all these years.

At this point, you may be thinking, wait…did’nt chell escape in the first game?  Well, not anymore, thanks to an update Valve released that adds another few seconds to the ending.  Now after waking up in the apature science parking lot, chell hears the voice of a robot saying “Thank you for assuming the party submission position.” then is drug off.  (It also includes radios scattered throughout the game, that when moved to the right place, provide you with a encoded messages that are part of a portal altarnate realitly game to help promote the sequel)

However, this new game won’t be a rehash of the last one.  In additon to new gameplay devices (such as arial faith plates that fling you into the air and cubes that refract lasers) there are going to be more AI personallities in the form of the personality cores that we saw activated in the post-credits scene in the original game.

BUT THATS NOT ALL.  There is going to be a separate co-op campaign.  Yeah, co-op portal.  This campaign will probably unfold closer to the original game, going from test chamber to test chamber solving mind bending portal-puzzels, only the puzzles will be designed for two people, so you will need to be using some teamwork.  You and your friend will be playing as two new characters.  Two robots that seem to be part-turrent and part-personality core.

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