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6 Random Quotes from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I recently bought seasons 1 and 2 of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at target for only 17 dollars.  This show is great!  Will Smith is halarious.  So here are 6 quotes from the show (1 random quote for each season) hope you enjoy them!

1 – Uncle Phil: Will, there’s something you should know: sometimes parents just don’t understand.

2 – Carlton: Will everybody knows why your in training. No fats, no chocolate, and no women.

Will: Then i should probably cancel my date with that fat chocolate woman!

3Will: Hey mom, it’s me. (pause) No, it’s Will. (pause) Will Smith! Hey, there is alot of drama cutting loose out here. (pause) No, I’m not in trouble, but somebody we know is a grandma. (pause) Mom wait, I didn’t mean you-Mom, Mom, stop crying Mom. No it’s not me, Carlton’s the father. (pause) Stop laughing Mom.

4Vivian: I wish you had told me Will . . . I really wish you had told me.

Will: I asked Geoffrey to tell you!

Geoffrey: I thought it would be more fun to do it this way . . . And I was right!

5 –  Santa Claus: Be a good boy, and tell Carlton to stop faxing me. I cannot get him into Princeton.

6Will: (to Carlton) There’s a beautiful woman talking to me, but I don’t expect you to understand that!

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