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5 Random Quotes for Weekends

  1. Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson
  2. Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.  ~John Shirley
  3. The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.  ~Chuck Palahniuk
  4. Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.  ~Author Unknown
  5. Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.  ~Richard Rorty

Fun things to do in a Library

This one is for you KingreX32!  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my lists.

  1. Be the like annoying librarian who follows everyone around and goes “Shhh!”
  2. Better yet, follow the librarian around and go “Shhhh!”
  3. Try to check out a reference book, when they tell you that you cannot check out reference books, make a scene.  “Excuse me for trying to check out a book…IN THE LIBRARY!” (Yes, I admit I stole this from a scene in pirates of the great salt lake)
  4. Come into the library with a sack, start filling the sack with books while making an evil laugh  (loudly) and occasionally yelling “Power! Unlimited power!” … while being told to stop, explain that books provide knowledge and knowledge is power.
  5. Come dressed as Amelia Earhart.  “I was flying over the bermuda triangle and then I woke up outside this library…”
  6. Read out loud
  7. Come dressed as an astronaut.  when questioned, explain that books take you to new worlds.
  8. Stand up and yell “Books and knowledge are great and all, but is even better! 😉
  9. One word: Pretzels (use your imagination)
  10. Start re-arranging books.  When asked to stop, explain that the Dewey decimal system is outdated and you are arranging books to confirm to the new Huey decimal system.
  11. Throw a “Book Themed Dance Party”
  12. build a house out of books
  13. set the home page on all the library computers to …. or, better yet…the cia web page…
  14. hug everyone who enters the library
  15. try to check out random items, such as the library computer, the decorations, a shelf, the librarian, etc.


I recently made the mistake of borrowing the season 1 box set of Heroes from DS.

Now I am hooked.

This show is so good.  I am halfway through with the season already.  If you like sci-fi, I would recommend you invest in this show, it is worth your time.

Save the cheerleader, save the world


The Losers (4.5/5)

When five of the CIA’s most talented special-ops agents are framed and betrayed by a powerfull man known only as Max, they vow to get revenge.  Aided and funded by a mysterious woman who also holds a grudge against Max, the team must find a way to stop one of the most powerfull men on earth before it is too late.

Sounds corny, huh?  That’s what I thought when I went to see The Losers this weekend.  I was not expecting much out of the film, but I hoped it would be a nice little waste of time.

I was blown away.  Admittedly, this movie does get a little campy at times, but it is never bad, acually it is rather endering.  There is plenty of action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you really grow to love these characters.

But the place this movie really shines is humor.  Suprisingly, this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  Chris Evans did a great job protraying Jenson, the tech guy/comedic relief.  (This film convinced me that Evans is fit for the role of Captain America)

Overall, this is possibly the best movie I have seen this year.  You owe it to yourself to watch this gem.


Dr. Who + Videogames = Happy Nerds!

BBC has recently announced that Sumo Digital is developing four Dr. Who adventure games.  Each game is supposed to be like a two hour episode of the series, allowing players to control the new doctor, played by Matt Smith, and his current companion Amy, played by Karen Gillian.

The actors from the series are doing the voiceovers for these games.  All in all it promises to be a great adventure…but that is not even the best part.


That’s right, the Dr. Who adventure games will be free to download on the BBC website.  The first episode shall be entitled “City of the Daleks” and will be released on June 5th.  The titles and release dates for the other three games will be announced later.

You can read more about these new games on the BBC website.

But that’s not all, my friends.  Nintendo is set to develop a Doctor Who game for the Nintendo and DS.  Not much is known about them, but according to Yahoo! UK Games, they should be released near this Christmas.


More sad news from Marvel

Well, it seems as though Wolverine and the X-Men is ending too…

According to Toonzone:

In further recent Marvel Animation news, a second season of the acclaimed Wolverine and The X-Men animated series will not be happening for reasons that have not yet been publically/publicly disclosed. Marvel Animation Age confirms the recent report that Wolverine and The X-Men will not returning for a second season, although Marvel Animation has not yet made any official announcements on the series coming to a close.

Granted this is not confirmed, but it sounds true.

On the bright side, I have found a teaser image for the new Spider-Man cartoon!

It looks pretty impressive, lets just hope it is good enough to justify ending spectacular spider-man.


Goodbye Spectacular Spider-Man

Well, it is official, Spectacular Spider-Man has been canned.  We all knew it was coming, but it still hurts.

The series was doomed to begin with, a victim of circumstance.  It started out on the Kids WB, but near the end of season 1, the station changed hands and became the Kids CW! (I miss WB)  The series was then moved to Toon Disney.

Then Sony lost the right to the seires just as disney was buying marvel.  Its this many changes that can kill a great show.

It just makes me mad that they are canceling it though.  It was such a great series, so full of potential.  It had become my favroite super-hero show!

At least it is not all bad news, there has been another new spidey series announced!  This new series will be titled “Ultimate Spider-Man” and will be based on the comic of the same name.

The main selling point for this new series seems to be guest stars.  Now that marvel owns the rights to the series, they will be teaming spidey up with other heroes…this sounds like a good thing, but I fear it shall become a team-up of the week type thing.

On one hand, I love the ultimate spider-man comics and this one looks promising…on the other hand, I would have preferred more spectacular spidey…

What is with Marvel anyways?  First a Spidey film reboot, now they are replacing our cartoons!  Is this what happens when Disney buys your company?  Well, “Boo!”

Oh well, I suppose I will just have to settle for re-runs of spectacular spidey while I await our new cartoon (its supposed to come out in summer of 2011, I think)


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (4.5/5)

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is an amazing cross between 3rd person shooter and platforming that you won’t want to miss.  The game follows a simple pattern: First you enjoy a platforming section that will have you climbing up buildings and jumping of cliffs.  Then, you will engage in a gun fight that will have you running for cover.  Then, back to the platforming.  Its a nice formula, and though it gets repetitive at times, you won’t be disappointed.

The platforming works well.  There is a button for jumping, and a button for letting go of items. There is not much to it, but thats kind of the charm.  Its very simple and it looks great.

The gunplay is also simple.  You can have two guns, a big one and a little one.  You run and take cover behind something, then shoot.  It gets chaotic and sometimes feels unfair when you are outnumbered, but it works.

One great thing about the game is that the characters feel like real people. Nathan is not just some big tough guy who runs in guns ablaze.  He has to spend most of the action hiding behind something.  He does some great acrobatics during the platforming sections, but he always just barely manages to grab onto the distant ledge.  When he is walking on uneven terrain, he occasionally stumbles.

The supporting cast also feels like its made up of real people.  The game has a very cinematic feel to it, and the Indiana Jones inspired story draws you in unlike any other game I have ever played.  This is an amazing game, and I would recommend it to anyone.


Breaking News from Valve!

Bad news.  It seems as though portal 2 had been canceled.  Valve announced today that in addition to portal Half Life 2: Episode 3 has also been canceled.

However, there is good news.  In their place, valve is planning to merge the games into one.  It is currently titled Portal Life: Episode 1: Freeman takes “the cake”

This new game will pit you as Freeman as shall play like half-life, but with portals.  There is not much media yet, but I am sure that there will be a long and complex alternative-reality game and viral marketing campaign.

Portal Life: Episode 1: Freeman takes “the cake” is set to release this holiday season for the PC, X-Box and it is set to release for the PS3 and Sega Dreamcast sometime next year.

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