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Fun things to do in a Library

This one is for you KingreX32!  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my lists.

  1. Be the like annoying librarian who follows everyone around and goes “Shhh!”
  2. Better yet, follow the librarian around and go “Shhhh!”
  3. Try to check out a reference book, when they tell you that you cannot check out reference books, make a scene.  “Excuse me for trying to check out a book…IN THE LIBRARY!” (Yes, I admit I stole this from a scene in pirates of the great salt lake)
  4. Come into the library with a sack, start filling the sack with books while making an evil laugh  (loudly) and occasionally yelling “Power! Unlimited power!” … while being told to stop, explain that books provide knowledge and knowledge is power.
  5. Come dressed as Amelia Earhart.  “I was flying over the bermuda triangle and then I woke up outside this library…”
  6. Read out loud
  7. Come dressed as an astronaut.  when questioned, explain that books take you to new worlds.
  8. Stand up and yell “Books and knowledge are great and all, but is even better! 😉
  9. One word: Pretzels (use your imagination)
  10. Start re-arranging books.  When asked to stop, explain that the Dewey decimal system is outdated and you are arranging books to confirm to the new Huey decimal system.
  11. Throw a “Book Themed Dance Party”
  12. build a house out of books
  13. set the home page on all the library computers to …. or, better yet…the cia web page…
  14. hug everyone who enters the library
  15. try to check out random items, such as the library computer, the decorations, a shelf, the librarian, etc.

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