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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  To all the veterans out there, I thank you.  (And thank you Danny, for serving in the Air Force)


Thinkgeek Spotlight: Dr. Who

Wow…its been a while since I’ve done one of these…

Well, here it is, some of the coolest Dr. Who merchandise Thinkgeek has to offer!

(as usual, clicking on a picture will take you to its page on Thinkgeek)

Dr. Who: The Visual Dictonary

Not only is it your guide to the Dr. Who universe, it is filled with awesome pictures of the Dr. Who universe!  What could be better?!  It makes reading fun(er)!

T.A.R.D.I.S. 4 port USB hub

If there were two problems that us nerds face everyday they are 1) Not having enough USB ports and 2) Not having a Time Machine.  Well, this T.A.R.D.I.S. UBS hub solves both problems!

10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

With this little puppy, you will never have problems with any electronic devices ever again!  Computer running slow?  This can fix it!  Need to hack into the school’s security system, this can do it!  Need to disable a crazed robot, we got ya covered!  Oh, it also has a pen that writes with invisible ink that can be revealed with its blue light of awesomeness!

T.A.R.D.I.S. Cell Phone Alert Charms

Wenever your cell phone goes off, this little T.A.R.D.I.S. will spin around and its base will light up!  How does it work?  MAGIC! …Ok, not really…its science!

(Also comes in Dalek and Cyberman versions)

You Never Forget Your First Doctor T-shirt

Its true, you never forget your first Doctor.  Not only is this shirt awesome, I am pretty sure it will make you more attractive…


Quick Reviews – Kong, Bones, and Dr. Horrible!

The King of Kong: A firstful of Quarters (4/5)

I am usually a little weary of documentaries like this one for fear that they will manipulate the facts to make the story seem more dramatic.  According to the internet, this is no exception.  There are some inaccuracies, so you might want to take the story with a grain of salt.  However, I do suggest you watch this film.  The story of Steve Wiebe trying to become the world champion at Donkey Kong is great.  The movie is surprisingly suspenseful, and will keep you glued to your seat.  A must see for video-game enthusiasts everywhere!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog (4.5/5)

This is a great movie.  It will have you laughing your head off and tapping your toes to the wonderful music.  But this isn’t just a goofy comedy, it has a serious side too.  The performances are great, especially Neil Patric Harris.  The story really pulls you in and makes you care about the characters.  This is a wonderful film for anyone, but especially for us super-hero loving freaks.

The Lovely Bones (4.5/5)

A little girl is walking home from school one day, when a man approaches her…he lures her away and brutally murders her.  She watches from heaven as her family tries to cope, and tries to lead them to her killer.  This sounds like a very dark movie, and it is at times…but it is also uplifting at times, and occasionally funny.  The story almost never goes how you expect it to, something that is great at times, and bad at other times.  This movie will keep you on your toes, without being confusing.  I would recommend it to almost anyone.


The Higlander Opening

Such a great show


So Far with Mario Galaxy 2

*WARING: SPOILERS AHEAD*  (…can a Mario game have a spoiler?)

Yup, today my brother and I went out and bought Mario Galaxy 2, and my experience with it so far can be summed up in one word: WOW!

If you were expecting just a rehash of Galaxy 1, then you are in for a surprise.  This is what Galaxy 1 should have been!  While the mind bending gravity distortion is back from the last game, there are also a lot of new things.  Currently the biggest new features I have seen are far are yoshi and a drill item.

The drill is really fun!  You basically use it to bore from one side of a planet to the other.  While this does not sound particularity awesome, they use it in some pretty inventive ways.

Yoshi is also great, like always.  He has some cool moves and the levels I have played with him are a blast!  He can eat things and turn them into star bits.  There are some items, like spiny that he can spit back out.  (btw, Lakitus return) The flutter jump also returns, in case you were wondering.  The Yoshi level I have played was really well designed and really fun.

I have also gotten to play some other cool levels, such as one filled with red and blue platforms.  Only one color platform appears at a time, and you can switch by shaking the wiimote.  It was pretty challenging, but not overly frustrating.  There are also some traditional side-scrolling levels, they are very fun as well.

So far, this game seems like a vast improvement on the first game.  However, I am not very far into the game, so only time will tell if it maintains this level of awesome.



Ok, so I on day three of my 1-month trial, and I am already a satisfied customer.  This morning I got my first DVD from Netflix in the mail, Star Trek TNG disk 1.  Ok, I admit that I have not actually watched the DVD yet, but I am impressed that it took less tha 48 hours to arrive.

The real beauty of Netflix does not even seem to be the DVDs.  I am having more fun with the Instant Stream content.  They have all kinds of great movies and cartoons.  It feels like we have cable again…but without the commercials…or having to have cable.  In the last three days I have watched a little of everything from spongebob and American dragon: Jake Long to Dead Zone and Heroes.

Along with Star Trek DVD, I revived wii and ps3 disks.  They were a breeze to set up, and it’s great to be able to watch fairly oddparents in my room.  There is a great selection, and it has nice little features like keeping track of where you are in each show you watch, so you can pick up where you left off later.

All in all, I am giving Netflix a thumbs up.  This is one of the best services the net has to offer, especially if you have ditched cable and are relying exclusively on Hulu and Youtube like my family.  Its much cheaper than cable, and twice as entertaining.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (5/5)

I came into Uncharted 2 expecting awesomeness, and awesomeness is exactly what I got.  Uncharted 2 is one of the best games I have played.  It is right up there with the Legend of Zelda Series.

One of the biggest appeals of the original Uncharted game was the way it’s epic story unfolded before the eyes of the gamer.  The game had a very cinematic feel, and Uncharted 2 builds upon this with an even more engaging story that unfolds through both cinematic cutscenes and in-game action.  The original cast returns along with a slew of new characters, all of whom are memorable.  I don’t want to revel much about the plot, but lets just say Drake is back into the treasure hunting business in an adventure that will take him to various locations across the globe.

One of the best things that tie story into gameplay are action sequences that you will play.  Action sequences such as playing on top of a train or fighting inside of a crumbling building really get the adrenaline pumping and pull you into the game.

The basic gameplay is the same as the fist game with a few nice additions.  There are stealth-mode type sequences which, while a little buggy at times, are very fun and help to break up the gameplay.  But aside from that, and the action-sequences mentioned earlier, it is the same ol climbing and shooting, and I would not have it any other way.  The game is a blast to play and will keep you glued to your controler for hours.

The graphics are outstanding and the sound quality is terrific.  The musical score is spot-on, and the voice acting is perfect.  The only flaw would be that the eyes of some characters look odd.

Overall, if you have a ps3, buy this game…if you don’t own a ps3, here is the perfect reason to invest in one.

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