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The Higlander Opening

Such a great show


So Far with Mario Galaxy 2

*WARING: SPOILERS AHEAD*  (…can a Mario game have a spoiler?)

Yup, today my brother and I went out and bought Mario Galaxy 2, and my experience with it so far can be summed up in one word: WOW!

If you were expecting just a rehash of Galaxy 1, then you are in for a surprise.  This is what Galaxy 1 should have been!  While the mind bending gravity distortion is back from the last game, there are also a lot of new things.  Currently the biggest new features I have seen are far are yoshi and a drill item.

The drill is really fun!  You basically use it to bore from one side of a planet to the other.  While this does not sound particularity awesome, they use it in some pretty inventive ways.

Yoshi is also great, like always.  He has some cool moves and the levels I have played with him are a blast!  He can eat things and turn them into star bits.  There are some items, like spiny that he can spit back out.  (btw, Lakitus return) The flutter jump also returns, in case you were wondering.  The Yoshi level I have played was really well designed and really fun.

I have also gotten to play some other cool levels, such as one filled with red and blue platforms.  Only one color platform appears at a time, and you can switch by shaking the wiimote.  It was pretty challenging, but not overly frustrating.  There are also some traditional side-scrolling levels, they are very fun as well.

So far, this game seems like a vast improvement on the first game.  However, I am not very far into the game, so only time will tell if it maintains this level of awesome.

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