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E3 2010 Preview – What I want to see! (Unconfirmed)

The Top 5 Things I want to see most that have not been confirmed to be at E3 2010:

Star Fox Wii

Again, there are plenty of rumors that this game will be at E3, but there are always rumors that this game will be at E3.  If they could pull off another Star Fox 64, then it would be amazing. Just imagine holding the wiimote sideways, and using it to pilot an Arwing.  Sends chills down your spine, right?

Battlefront 3

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am huge fan of Star Wars.  However, I do not like the directions the Star Wars game have taken lately.  The last truly amazing Star Wars game I played was Battlefront 2 (FTU was pretty good in its on right, but not amazing)  The next installment of the Battlefront Franchise has swapped hands quite a few times and seems to have vanished.  But there are rumors that it may appear at E3!  With any luck this game shall pull though.

Uncharted 3

This game has pretty much been confirmed, but there is no telling if we will see it at E3.  The first Uncharted game was unbelievable, and the second is one of the best game I have ever played.  There will be a sequel, and it will be awesome.  The question is, when?

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest DS

I am fully aware that this one sounds a little weird.  But the way I see it, if they could port Mario 64 to the Nintendo DS, why can’t they do it for OOT?  The game could appear on the top screen, with HUD information and Item Selection on the touch screen.  I honestly think it could work. And wouldn’t you like to be able to play OOT from anywhere?  I know it won’t happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

New Nintendo IP

More than anything, I want Nintendo to surprise me.  I want to see a completely new game, filled with the imagination and magic that only Ninendo can bring.  I want a new cast of lovable characters who can take their rightful place alongside Mario and Link as gaming royalty.

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