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Ubisoft E3 2010

Ubisoft also had a really good confrence.  Kinda…the beginning was good, the middle was…something…and the end was great.  Here is a rundown of what went on:

The show opened with live gameplay of Children of Eden.  From what we saw, it looked like a freaky 3d version of bit.trip.  It uses Kinect and is a 360 exclusive.

Next we saw a trailer and some footage of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  There is going to be horse-fighting, and multiplayer.  It will in stores on November 16th.

Next Shawn White comes out to talk to us about his new game: Shawn White…skateboarding?  Apparently he skateboards too!  The plot to this game is that an evil organization known as “the ministry” has outlawed skatebording, so you have to skateboard to…make tree’s grow, and bring beauty into the world…or something like that…this game looks kinda like a cross between Tony Hawk and De Blob…and not in a good way.

Then…well, I started having techinical difficulties, but from what I gathered they are releasing a new Lazertag-type game.  But its not a video-game, its a real lazertag-type set…

But then we see Innergy.  It is a “game” that uses a knock-off of the Wii Vitality sensor to help you relax…yeah…and thats pretty much it…it shows some pretty cartoony graphics and measures how relaxed you feel…

Then they start taking about Videogames again with Fitness Evolved…just like at the Microsoft confrence…

Now they start talking about a Wii exclusive…Rabbids: Travel in Time…I think the title is self-expiratory…

Next we see gameplay of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  This installment will feature 4-player co-op.

Then we get to see a trailer and gameplay footage for Driver: San Fransisco.  Including the new “Shift” feature that allows you to instantly take control of any car you see.  This actually looks like a really good game to me.

Next we see a teaser-trailer for Project: Dust (working title) it seems to be about a tribe of people who can manipulate the elements by doing group dances…

Then we get a BIG announcement: A new Rayman game!  It is a 2d Platformer called Rayman: Origins.  It is being developed by an unusually small team. (he said only 5 people worked on it)

Next they announce ManiaPlanet: A game-making type game.  Basically, has three studios that allow you to make either a shooter (shootmania), a racer (racemania), or an RPG (questmania) and share them with people around the world.

The wrap-up the conference with the people from “This is it” dancing to “Beat it” to announce a new Michal Jackson game.


Microsoft E3 2010

Ok, here is a quick rundown of what happened at Microsoft’s Conference:

I had a little technical difficulty at first, but I came in just in time to see the end of a trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising.  From what I have seen the selling point of this game seems to be the ability to cut anything in half from any angle using a sword.  There was a demo of a watermelon being accurately sliced…mmmm….watermelons…

Phil Spencer then came out to tell us that the Xbox is the best and use the word “blockbuster” a million times.

We were then shown 4-player co-op gameplay of the new Gears of War game.  After the trailer they mentioned a new mode, Beast, but we were given no details about it.

Next, we got to see a trailer for Fabel 3, it looked really cool.

Cryek is making a game: Codename Kingdoms…we were given a brief trailer which just showed people in warrior costumes standing there and blood dripping…we did not get much information about the game…

What time is it? Haloz Time! We see some gameplay…it looks really cool…really, really, cool…like, cool enough to make me envious of Xbox owners…but the gameplay footage ends with a space battle.  Correct me if I am mistaken, but I think Space Combat is new to Reach.  (not sure, as I have only played halo multilayer)

A guy then shows us Kinect (Formally Known as Project Natal) he uses it to watch a move (alice in wonderland) and play some music.  He does it using hand gestures,and voice commands (like “Xbox pause”), which is pretty cool.

A lady then show how Kinect can be used as a videophone by chatting with her twin (this is supposed to be compatible with windows live messenger)  They demonstrate that they can watch a film together by watching the Last Airbender trailer.  They demonstrate how the camera tracks their movements to keep them in the center of the screen.  Finally the confrence ends with a voice command.

Xbox is teaming up with ESPN to provide us with sports stuff (live games and trivia), and gold members get it with no extra charge

We then see a bunch of Kinetic Games:

-Kinectimals (spelling?) basicly it is a pet simulator with over 40 animals.  They demonstrate it by bringing an overly-cute girl to play with her virtual baby tiget, skittles….It was so sweet, I fell into a sugar coma…

-Next up, Kinect Sports incuding: soccer, bowling, ping pong, boxing, volleyball, and more

-Kinect Joy Ride – it’s a racing game, with stunts and stuff

-Kinect Adventures – We saw a moving obstaclel course and a water rafting demo…kinda hard to explain, it looks pretty good.  Basically, you follow a path and try to move around and pick up tokens while avoiding obstacles…

-and Ubisoft one – Fitness Evolved, pretty self explanatory.  It tracks your movements and gives you a wide range of different workouts, looks about as good as a fitness game can get

-and Harmonix Game – Dance Central…a game about busting some fly moves…inculdes “break it down mode” that teaches you how to dance.  Looks really fun to me, but I like dancing.

Kinect Release Date is announced : Novemver 4th – with more than 15 launce titles

then they show us a trailer for…OMG IT’S A STAR WARS GAME…OMG!!!…coming 2011…Kinect + The Force + Lightsabers =  Awesome!

Next we see Fozza Motorsport for the Kinect.

They now announce a redesign of the  Xbox 360. Its smaller, sleeker, blacker, and cooler.  It has built in wi-fi and is the same price ($299)  It ships today and should be in stores next week.  They then give everyone in the audience one of the new Xboxes.

And the show is over.

Overall, it was a great confrence for Microsoft.  They focused on Kinect a little too much for me (I was not too interested in most of its games) but it was still a great show.

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