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Sony E3 2010

The conference starts with the revelation that Sony has dedicated itself to bringing 3D to the home.  They are (and will continue to be) shipping 3D ready televisions and PS3s.  There will be 20 titles that support 3d by March 2011.

We see some footage of Killzone 3 and are told that it will not only be in 3d, but will be fully compatible with PlayStaion Move.

He then list games that will be available in 3d (went by way to fast, so I may have missed a few): Crisis 2, Moral Kombat: Facility, Tron, NBA 2k11, Eye pet, Tumble, The Fight: Lights Out, Grand Turismo 5, The Sly Collection

We then here more about how amazing and innovative the Playstation Move is.

Next up, a game called Sorcery.  It uses uses the umm….move remote?  As a wand to cast spells …looks MUCH cooler than it sounds.

Next we see a demo of Tiger Woods PGA tour 11 using Move.

Then we get a really cool announcement, a Move game called: Heroes on the Move. It is a crossover game that features Ratchet, Jack, Sly, Bentley, Clank, and Daxter.

We then find out that Sony has made a partnership with Coke.  Then they go on to brag about how they are so much better than the competition.  They announce that playstation move will launch here on Sept. 19th – Bundle is $99 (comes with game) , bundle with PS3 $399

We are then shown a montage of Move Games: Brunswick Bowking, The Fight Lights Out, Sports Champions, Start the Party, Sing Star, Eye Pet, Heroes on the Move, Tv Superstarts, Socom 4, Time Crisis, The Shoot, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Aragorn’s Quest, Tron Evolution, Sorcery

Then then show us a few commercials of the new PSP campaign featuring the most annoying kid on the face of the earth: Marcus

They show us Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (psp)

Next we get a game called InviZimals (psp) (giving us little to no explanation as to what the game is about)

We then see a trailer for a new God of War game: Ghosts of Sparta (PSP)

Now here comes a montage of PSP games including: Ace Combat, Gravity Crash, Dragonball Z, Tag Team, Hot Shots Tennis, Mod Nation Racer, Maddel 11, Patapon 3, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, Tetres, Eye Pet, Piyotama, Birth by Sleep, The 3rd Birthday, p3p, Valkyria 2 chronicles

They announce that their show, The Tester, which can be viewed over the PS3 is being renewed for a second season.  We then find out that if we go to Playstation Home we can view a Virtual E3, and look at the booths.

We then see some footage of Little Big Planet 2. You can make many new types of games with this one, it now includes a cutscene maker.

Then they announce Playstation Plus, which allows you to pay money for extra online perks such as discounts and early demos.

Then we see a Medal of Honor reboot.  You can see Teir 1 Operation Interviews  on their website on June 28th. We also see a video of a new map that puts you in Afganastan.  There will be a limited edition only for PS3: includes the entire game Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Then we are shown a demo of Dead Space 2.

After that….OMG ITS GLaDOS…. They are brining it to PS3, that trailer was AWESOME!!!

Next we see a video for Final Fantasy 14, its an MMO.

We are told that Mafia 2 owners get free DLC and that Assaians Creed: Brotherhood gets exclusive DLC missions on the PS3

We are then shown a big montage of PS3 Games including (but not limited to):  Socom 4, Kilzone 3, Medal of honor, Dead Space 2, Mafia 2, Madden 11, NBA 2k11, Tiger Woods, Sports Champions, Fight: Lights Out, NCAA Football 11, Eyepet, Start the Party, Little Big Planet 2, The Shoot, Echochrome 2, Heroes on the Move, Gran Turismo 5, Mod Nation Racers, Motor Storm Apocolypes, True Crime, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, Dead Nation, Sorcery, DC Universe, Sly Collection, Tron, Final Fantasy 14

We then see another montage about Grand Turismo 5 (nov 2nd)

Then we see a trailer for Infamous 2.  He has been redesigned and has a new voice…which I don’t like at all…and he also seems to have Ice powers in addition to electricity now…I don’t know how I feel about that one…either way, I think it will be a good game.

Finally we see a new Twisted Metal game.  We see a lot of footage, it looks epic.  They announce a new mode: Nuke.

And thats about it. The highlights of the Sony conference.


Nintendo E3 2010

The show started out with Reggie coming onto stage.  He wasted no time in getting straight to the point: Zelda!

He showed us a teaser video that gave us the title for the new game: SKYWARD SWORD!!!!

We were then shown a video of Mr. Miyamoto talking about how the new game will control.  He then came on screen and gave us a demo.  The sword control looks awesome!  There is 1:1 accuracy in the sword attacks. Also, he demonstrated how certain enemies can only be defeated with certain sword strikes.  The sword beam makes a reappearance.  By holding the sword to the sky, then slashing down quickly, one can fire the sword beam  He demoed many of link’s items, including Bow, Slingshot, bombs, and a new item called a beetle, it is a bug that players can fly around to pick up items, and an awesome whip.  They had some difficulty with some of the items, particularly the bow, something they blamed on interference.  However, it was still awesome!

Then he hit us with the bad news, it has been delayed until 2011.

They then mention a wii exclusive version of NBA Jam.

Next, we see a trailer for Mario Sports Mix (Coming 2011)  It contains many sports such as volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. Honestly, I was not too impressed…but I am not a sports guy.

Next we see Wii Party, which looks like Mario Party but with Miis.

We then see a trailer for Just Dance 2.

Then they announce some good news for RPG fans, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS).  I do not know anything about the series but the trailer looked good.

From there they move on to something amazing, A REMAKE OF GOLDENEYE FOR THE WII!  I love the original, and while the graphics for the new one do not look much better than the original, it still promises to be a great game.

We then see some footage of Epic Mickey, including some impressive 2d cut-scenes.  They demonstrate how to use the Thinner and Paint features, which did not impress me as much as I excerpted they would…but they did not show me enough to make a real judgment.  They demonstrated that jumping into a movie screen takes you to side scrolling levels (this is what I was waiting for!)  We see a bit of the Steamboat Willey level, then the video ends.

Next, we get another big announcement, a new Kirby game for the Wii! Kirby: Epic Yarn it is a sweet 2d sidecroller, that stars Kirby..but he is an outline made out of yarn?  In the trailer we see him pulling things and throwing then around with his Yarn, including the screen.  It is a really cute looking game, but I have no doubt that it will be just as epic as its title claims.  (Coming this fall)

Next we see a video of Dragon Quest IX, a multiplayer DS game set to debut on July 11th.

Next we see some awesome footage of Metroid: Other M, set for release on Aug 31st

We then get a new Donkey Kong Game for the Wii! Donkey Kong Country Returns is a great looking sidescroller.  I admit, I have never been a big fan of Donkey Kong, but this looks great!

The it happens: They move on to the Nintendo 3DS – The Top screen is 3d; The botton screen touch screen.  There is a swich that allows you to toggle the strength of the 3d effect, and even turn it off.  Also there is an Analog slide pad above the Dpad.  It is fully compatible with the DSi and can take photos in 3D.  Soon you will be able to buy 3D movies to watch on it, and new new hardware allows for Better Graphics.

The first launch title they announce for the 3DS? Kid Icarus: Uprising!  It looks amazing, and it is great to see a Kid Icarus game in the works.

They then mention that  Nintendogs + Cats is in the works

We then see a sideshow of a bunch of cool games coming to the 3DS.  The titles went by too fast for me to catch them all, but I did see: Mario Kart, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing, Batman, Resident Evil, and Assassins Creed.

And that was it.  The end of the best E3 confrence ever!


They announced a few new games for the 3DS after the conference including: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, and a new Paper Mario!   (I am so excited about the zelda one I can’t explain it!)

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