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Quick Reviews – Ocean’s 11 (1960 version), Super Capers and, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Ocean’s 11 (4/5)

Yay!  I have been waiting years to see this film!  Frank Sinata, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. together in a film about robbing 5 Casinos at the same time.  It is like a dream come true.

The first hour or so of the film establishes the 11 in Ocean’s 11 and how they come together.  It drags on a little and I had a hard time keeping track of which character was who.  However it is still entertaining and surprisingly funny.

We then move to the crime and the days afterward which is where the film really takes off.  It gets better and better until we reach the climax.  Then they hit us with, in my opinion, one of the best twists in film history.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (4.5/5)

I was never a fan of the first Terminator and I really only watched this because Earl said it was miles better than the first.  Thank you Earl!  This is everything an action movie should be.

The special effects are amazing for 1991, often holding up even today.  The action is brutal and fast paced.  The chase scenes keep me at the edge of my seat (and I usually hate chase scenes).  The story is amazing.  There is not really much I don’t like about this film except…

…it is too long.  2 1/2 hours?  Seriously?  James Cameron, other people have lives. We all can’t spend all day watching one film.  *cough*Avatar*cough*

Even still, it was a great film.  A perfect action flick.  If you have’nt watched it, then you had better go rent it…now…no seriously go!  Rent it!  Just make sure you have a lot of time to kill before watching it.  (Note to self: Rent Terminator 3…)

There is the inherent coolness of robbing 5 casinos at once, there is plenty of humor, and there is singing, of course.  All in all, it makes for a great film.  If you can find a copy, you definitely need to see this film.  (btw, it is on netflix!)

Super Capers (1.5/5)

The premise sounds good, a wanna be superhero, wrongful accused of super hero brutality, has to go to a superhero training place thingy.  Um, ok maybe the premise is not that great but it looks like it will be a good parody of super-hero movies!  Unfortunately it is not.

The film is riddled with star wars references, but most of them are just outrageously long rip-offs of the scripts.  There are a ton of jokes, but only a few are actually funny.  The plot is so ridiculous even the characters remark at how ridiculous it is…and not even that is funny!

I don’t harbor any negative feelings towards this film, but I don’t harbor and positive feelings either.  It is just there.  The high point of the film is a cameo by Adam West (incidentally, this is also the lowest point in Mr. West’s career.)

It is a great choice if you want to play MST3K with your friends, otherwise I wouldn’t pick it.

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