Resistance: Fall of Man (8.5/10)

First off, I love alternate histories.  There is nothing like a little game of “What If?”.  That is the reason I loved Sliders (untill the series went downhill after season two *sigh*)  It is why I love Marvel’s “What If” comics.  (I own the one where Punisher kills Spidey, and it is awesome) and it is why I am going to get into Command and Conquer: Red Alert (eventually…)

Now, you are probably wondering where I am going with this.  Well, you see Resistance: Fall of Man takes place in an alternate 1950’s where WW2 never happened.  A mysterious race called the Chimera appear in Russia and overtake it in a matter of weeks.  There are rumors that the Chimera were created through biological experiments.  They are highly intellegent and have weapons unlike anything ever seen before.  But their most powerfully weapon is the Chimerian virus, once it infects a host, they eventually transform into a Chimera (though the help of special conversion centers) or die.

Before long the Chimera spread and overtake the rest of Europe and Asia.  The only place now left is Brittan, since it is surrounded on all sides by water.  By now the Brittish have mounted a defense, and are ready to fight…but are eventually overtaken.  You start the game as Nathan Hale, an American Soldier who is helping out with the Brittish Resistance.

the story plays out as though you were watching a documentary

As you can see, the story is pretty interesting.  It is told in a rather unique way.  While there are a few traditional cut-scenes during the actual missions, most of the storytelling is done as if it is a documentary.  Still images are shown while a character describes what happens.  This approach has both advantages and disadvantages.  One one hand, it is rather creative and quite entertaining.  It also makes the main characters seem more interesting and mysterious.  I seriously think I could watch an entire documentary on the world of Resistance, and it really feels as though the world is that fleshed out.  Especially well made is the opening cut-scene where it sets up the world.

However, the documentary angle makes you feel really separated from the character.  While, this can work great at times, it does not mix well with a first person shooter.  You are constantly switching from a point where you are completely separated from the character to seeing the world through his eyes.  Also, it feels as though everything is a bit “we went here and fought this battle, then we went here and fought this battle, then we went here and fought this battle” rinse, lather, repeat.  You don’t get to see the main characters very often, and that is a real shame as they seemed like great characters and there was a lot of potential with them.


The gameplay is not unlike that of any other FPS.  The controls are a little odd, but you will get used to them rather easily.  There are a few problems, such as crouch being L2 and Secondary fire being L1, making it nearly impossible to alt-fire while crouched.  The level designs were usually really good.  There was a plenty of variety in the missions, ranging from full scale battles to wondering alone down empty corridors.

The game provides a great atmosphere that makes you want to go out and roam this beautifully created world…and that is when it dissapoints you.  This game is painfully linear.  Nearly everytime it looks like there are two routes you can take, one turns out to be blocked.  Now, I will admit not all levels are like this, but enough of them are to detract from the experience (especially in the outdoor levels).  They make it worse by hiding collectible “intelligence reports” throughout the levels, prompting you to explore and see how linear this game is.

you will be seeing a lot of this gun

One of the big selling points of this game is the amazing weapons.  And they are amazing.  You start out with a basic rifle/grenade launcher, and then work your way up to “The bullseye”  It is a gun that allows you to shoot a target at an enemy, then all the bullets you fire will hone in on the target, allowing you to kill guys from behind cover.  Before you know it you will have guns that can turn into turrents, sniper rifles that slowdown time, and even a gun that can not only shoot straight though cover, but can create a shield.  There are eight weapons in the single player, but after you beat the campaign, it unlocks a second playthough that allows you to have even more weapons.  While this adds some replay value, I would have preferred all of the weapons be included in the first go around.  Wile, these weapons are a blast to use, you will wind up playing most of the game with just the standard rifle and the bulls-eye, due to limited ammo.

From time to time, the game lets you control vehicles.  While, this is a nice little diversion it does not always play out well.  The vehicle missions range from awesome to awful. The best ones generally involve the Jeep.  It is fast, there is a guy controlling the turrent for you, and you keep swapping between driving and getting out to shoot.  Unfortunately, the mech levels are not as fun.  They are slow and clunky.  There is not really much to say about them aside from the fact that they are not that fun.

Resisitance is best served with friends

Resistance also features great multiplayer modes.  First there is the online mode.  I did not play it much, and there were not many people online (due to resistance 2 already being out) but there is still some activity and it was fun, if not brutally hard.  But it is the splitscreen where I got my real taste of resistance multiplayer.  This game is great to play with friends, providing one of the best experiences I have had on the PS3.  The amazing weapons really get their chance to shine here as you shoot your friend from behind a wall while he aims his flamethrower at another guy.  I would say this is a perfect game to play with your friends.  You also get the ability to play thought he campaign with a friend.  The co-op is great, and adds a whole new layer to the game.  Even if you have already beat the campaign on your own, I would still recommend playing though it again with a friend as it is amazingly fun.

As always, I have a few minor complaints with this game.  While the Chimera look great, the diffrent classes are hard to tell apart. I don’t like that you can only have 1 co-op file at a time.  Also, the difficulty of the game really really spikes during the last few missions, pitting you against a lot of mechs that are more frustrating than fun and challanging.

Overall, this is a really great game.  It definitely has its flaws, but what it does right, it does really right.  I would recommend this game to anyone, especially if you like to play with friends.

3 Responses to “Resistance: Fall of Man (8.5/10)”

  1. August 13, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I love this game.. Nathan Hale is a beast! I can’t count the times me and my roommates have played the story mode just because it is that good. Resistance 2 is very good as well, but not being able to play co-op story mode suckssss.
    Great review man!

  2. August 14, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    NO CO-OP!? That truly is awful! The Co-Op was my favorite part of the game.

    But yes, this is a really good game. The difficulty got to me after a while (I am not very skilled at games and I don’t play many FPS, so I was not very good) but I did manage to beat it on normal.

    • August 15, 2010 at 11:16 pm

      The co-op was also my favorite part about the first Resistance, it sucked that it didn’t have it for the sequel.
      And yeah, the game gets pretty hard, but since my roommates and I played the game so much, there was no other choice then to play it on the hardest difficulty, haha.

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