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My Top 15 Favroite Gamecube Games of All Time

I love the Gamecube.  It has brought me so many good memories.  When I first got it, I was still a young gamer, but the Gamecube was there with me as my tastes changed and matured.  I still even play gamecube games, even though they stopped making games for it a long time ago.  So I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to write about my favorite gamecube games of all time.

But before I go any further I should point out that this is a list of my “favorite” games, not the “best” games.  Nostalgia is playing just as much a part in this list as the actual quality of the games.  Also, this list if not definitive, as I have not played all the best games to come out for the gamecube, and I am not done with trying new gamecube games (I can think of two or three off the top of my head that I would like to try).

I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed thinking it up.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite games were for the system.


15.  Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Chances are, you love Spongebob.  Everyone loves Spongebob!  So it was no surprise that he got plenty of licensed games to go around.  But what did come as a surprise is that some of them were really good. Battle for Bikini Bottom was one of those good ones.  You ran around Bikini Bottom fighting robots and having Spongebob induced fun.  Best of all, you could play as Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy!  It was a great game that ate up several hours of my childhood.

Oh, Bikini Bottom, we pledge our hearts to you, as faithful, as deep, as true, as blue! Bikini Bottom, we love you!

It turns out that Tim Curry Played the Villian! No wonder I loved this game!

14.  Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights

Ok, My brother and I were Major Scooby-Doo fans growing up!  While this is certainly not my favorite Scooby-Doo game ever, (see Scooby-Doo Mystery and Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers) it was still amazing entertaining.  It was filled to the brim with platforming goodness.  The game world felt expansive and spooky, (well, as spooky as scooby-doo gets) The villian was awesome, and best of all DON KNOTTS WAS IN THIS GAME!  They even took advantage of the games internal clock by making fun things appear during holidays.  (the game snows at Christmas, fireworks on the 4th, etc.)  This was a very well made game and the best Scooby game of its generation.

Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boooooom!

13.  Sonic Mega Collection

I feel like I am cheating with this entry.  Sonic Mega Collection contained the best Sonic games for the Sega Genesis.  These games were both fun and addictive.  What can I say, this is the best Sonic Game to come out for the Gamecube!  (Though I admit that I really liked Sonic Riders) Also, this introduced a non-sonic games called Ristar, which turns out to be an amazing game in its own right.  If you grew up on Sonic, this will bring back lots of memories.  If you did not grow up on sonic, this will serve as proof that he once was a great game character.

Who loves in a pineapple under the sea?

12.  Spongebob: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

Yeah, yeah, there are two Spongebob games on this list…I grew up with the little yellow sponge, so it is obvious that I played his games.  This is the first spongebob game I ever played, and it is quite possibly the best.  I really felt like I was in spongebob’s world, exploring Bikini Bottom.  It was just a fun game.

With box art like that, how could the game be anything but awesome?

11.  X-Men: Legends

X-Men legends was just a great game.  It used the same system that went to fuel future games such as Ultimate Alliance, but this game pulled it off the best.  Each X-Man felt like a unique character, and you really felt like you had their power.  The story was great, the hub worlds were great, the levels were great.  It was just a great game.  A must have for all X-Men fans out there.  Best of all, there was a level that allowed you to play as Professor X.  And it was every bit as awesome as you would imagine.

How can a game that is so cute be so awesome at the same time?!

10.  Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

It was through this game that I got my first taste of the Paper Mario series.  While I am not to big on turn-based RPG’s I still loved this game.  It managed to create a world that was sweet and cute, but without becoming too childish.  It had a wonderful cast of characters, and plenty of diverse areas to explore. I cannot begin to express how fun the atmosphere of this game is.  If you are a Mario-fan, will will love it.  If you are a Mario fan AND an RPG fan, you will really really love it.

It'sa me! Luigi!

9. Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi just doesn’t get enough love.  He is always stuck in his brother’s shadow.  This is why we were so happy to hear that now only was he getting his own game, but he would be saving Mario!  Luigi’s mansion was an incredibly fun game.  It had a great atmosphere, great gameplay mechanics, and the mansion really felt like a mansion rather than a string of levels.  The bosses were always a blast, and sucking ghosts into that vacuum never got old.  The only real problem I have with this game was that it was too short.  Luigi finally got the respect he deserves with this game, making it one of my favorite games for the gamecube.

Very Viewtiful...Very Viewtiful Indeed!

8. Viewtifil Joe

In a console generation dominated by games that include three dimensions, it was nice to see this 2D platformer.  Viewtiful Joe places you in the world of cheezy old super-hero movies.  You will be fighting some of the most halarious villians you have ever seen.  Plus, you will be pulling off some amazing moves thanks to your VFX (Viewtifil Effects) powers which allows you to do things like speed up and slow down time.  This was a great game that hearkened back to the older platformers of our youth while still remaining fresh and new.


7. F-Zero GX

The tagline for this game is “At 1,000 MPH, you’d better not blink!” and it pretty much holds true.  F-Zero GX was everything a racing game should be – FAST.  Flying through at dizzying speeds, you will really feel the adrenaline as you race down the tracks.  A quick warning though, this game is hard…really hard.  But I would not have it any other way.  There is nothing like racing down the tracks, more worried about surviving the race than placing first.

Stay on target...STAY ON TARGET!

6. Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2: Rouge Leader

One of the best parts of Star Wars was the amazing spaceships.  From X-Wings to the Millennium Falcon, there is no shortage of cool starships to fly.  This game contains both battles from the film (such as the death star run) and battles created for this game.  It was a blast to play and had plenty of replay value, as you could replay the battles with new ships.  There was a large variety to the levels, giving you battles over land and in space.  The missions were always challenging, but never impossible, and there were plenty of unlockables.  This remains my favorite spaceship game for a console, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  (It also had a sequel that, while fun, was nowhere near as good as Rouge Leader)

Sailing for Adventure!

5. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Now, those who know me are probably shocked right that this did not make the number 1 spot.  It is no secret that the Zelda series is my favorite game series of all time, and this is a great game.  While many people disliked the more cartoony style of this version, I found that it grew on me rather quickly.  The sailing did become repetitive after a while, but it was still fun to explore the different islands.  The overall atmosphere of this game was great, and the design of the towns, dungeons, and items lives up with the rest of the games in the series.  This game is very close to perfect in its own right.  It managed to capture the spirit of what makes Zelda games so great.

It turns out that an Mario is the real solution to polution...

4. Super Mario Sunshine

This is the first Gamecube game we ever owned, as it came with the gamecube.  Now some people consider this the black sheep of the Mario franchise, but I have to disagree.  This is an great addition to the series.  The atmosphere of the game was amazing.  I had just as much fun exploring the hub world of isle defino as I did actually playing the levels.  As you progress though the game the island becomes brighter and brighter until you could swear that you feel the sun beaming down on you.  The addition of FLUDD was really fun, and the Yoshi sections were a blast, if not a little too rare.  This game brings back some of my best gaming memories.


3. Super Smash Brothers Melee

I think we all knew that this one was going to turn up on this list.  While, I did not discover this game until the Gamecube was on its last leg, it still was one of the best experiences I had for the system.  The premise is simple: All your favorite Nintendo characters beat each other up.  Somehow this makes for one of the greatest games of all time.  It is the perfect gamecube game to play with friends, and even the single player is incredibly addictive.

I cannot begin to express how great this game is...

2. Metroid Prime

This is the game that got me into Metroid.  I came very close to making this number 1, and I will admit that it is the best made game on this list.  I know I keep talking about games having wonderful “atmospheres” but this game really takes the cake when it comes to atmosphere.  You felt dreadfully alone while exploring this planet.  There is an incredible amount of variety here, ranging from arctic tundras, to humid rainforest, to underground lava pits. (and all in a single open-ended world no less!)  The best part was that all of these loactions felt real.  You could really feel the heat and humidity from the lava levels and rainforest.  This game pulls you in on a level that very few games can achive.

The battles were always exciting.  There was always plenty of places to explore and more hidden information to collect.  This game is perfect.  It just is.

You really could do whatever a spider can!

1. Spider-Man 2

Now I know you did not see this one coming.  My favorite game for the gamecube was a movie-based game.  (I fear I may have lost my credibility to some of you 😉 )  But Spider-Man 2 is the game by which all other super-hero based games (and movie based games) are judged, in my opinion.  And really only one superhero game has managed to surpass it (Arkham Asylum).  Now, I will concede that this game is not perfect and it does have plenty of flaws, but I still love it.  I really felt as though I was Spider-Man swinging though the streets of New York.

Countless hours of my life were wasted exploring the expansive new york city of this game, or just swinging around the city for the sake of swinging.  There were countless “Hint Tokens” that when picked up allowed you to hear Bruce Camble talking about the game world, which was always hilarious.  (while plenty of them were hints, some of them were just him rambling)  It was always a thrill to fight the bad guys, especially after you unlock some of the cooler moves.  One of the best (and cruelest) things to do is pick up a bad guy, swing to the top of a tall building, then jump off, using the criminal as a human shield.  (wait, I thought spidey was a good guy!)

There was no end to the fun in Spider-Man 2 and that is why it is my favorite gamecube game of all time.

Well, thank you for reading my list.  I hope you enjoyed it!

[Note: I did not count Twilight Princess in this list, as I have only played the Wii version.  If I had played the gamecube version, I probably would have made #1 ;) ]

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