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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (5/5)

In 15 to 20 years from now, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World will be seen as the defining movie of its respective generation, and if it isn’t, it should be. No movie has better encapsulated and satirized the interests and temperaments of contemporary youth, and no future movie is likely to surpass it.

The above quote pretty much sums up my opinion on this film.  This film represents our generation: The gaming generation.

As the film begins, we are greeted by the Universal Studios logo and music that plays with it, only the logo is rendered in 8-bit graphics and the theme is a midi.  It was at this point, that I knew this film was going to rock.

The premise is pretty simple.  Scott Pilgrim is your typical loser.  He is dating a seventeen year old girl named Knives Chau, which causes some scandal among his friends and family since he is 22.  He also plays in a band called the “Sex Bomb-omb”, who are about to compete in the battle of the bands.  They are preparing for a battle of the bands when Scott meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers.  The moment he sees her, he knows they are destined to be together…but there is one little problem.

Before he can win Ramona’s heat, he has to defeat her seven evil exes.  Yes, the Ex-Boyfriends from Ramona’s past show up to challenge Scott, one at a time, to a duel to the death, mortal Kombat style.

As you would expect, this game is riddled with references, mostly to video-games.  There was no way to catch them all in one sitting of the film.  Many of these references are funny just in themselves, but don’t expect the humor to come solely from the references.  This film is filled with jokes, good jokes. (nothing like the “jokes” in grown ups)  From the situations the characters are in, to the characters themselves, I could not stop laughing thought the entire film.  Michel Cera plays the part perfectly, and the seven evil exes are all hilarious in their own way.

But make no mistake, this film is targeted at us young folks.  Older audiences don’t get the film, because it was not made for them.  It was made for our generation…

…In fact, I have devises a little test to see if you are in the “Scott Pilgrim Generation.”  Click on the seven links below, each one leads to a trial. (one trial for each evil ex)  If you do not find any of the trials to be funny/awesome, then you won’t enjoy Scott Pilgrim.  The more of these you like, the more you will like the film.

Trial #1

Trial #2

Trial #3

Trial #4

Trial #5

Trial #6

Trial #7

Scott Pilgrim really does define the gaming nerd generation in a way no other film can, and it is totally flipping hilarious.  The fact of the matter is, it is hard to really explain this movie.  It just has to be experienced.  Every moment I was in the theater was filled with complete joy.  Go and see this.  Don’t wait until it is out on DVD, because this is a film that needs to be experienced in the theater.  (plus, they kinda deserve your money…the Scott Pilgrim people, not the theater)

[note: special thanks to cubetoons, thinkgeek, and halolz for the trials)

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