Ghostbusters (Wii) (6.5/10)

The premise of the Ghotbusters: The Videogame is that you are a ghostbuster and there are ghosts to be a busted.  There is a story, but I did not really pay attention long enough for me to be able to recall it.  I just know that I was fighting ghosts.  However, why the story did not keep me engaged, the banter between the Ghostbusters seems to be pretty good.  Granted, this is no Ghostbusters 3, but it seems to be pretty good for what its worth.

The control scheme is great.  The analogue stick on the Nunchuck strafes while your wiimote pointer aims.  It has a metroid prime 3 type feel to it, and it works well.  However, the aiming is really sensitive and it does take some time to get the hang of it.  Also, there is not jump button or jumping of any kind in this game, something I have come to regret as you will feel the need to jump often.

However, it does work well for the most part.  Capturing ghosts is a blast!  You zap the more powerful ghosts with the proton stream then you throw them around the room by waving the wiimote in the indicated direction.  As for the smaller ghosts, you have a couple of other weapons to choose from.  There is a shotgun type weapon that doubles as a freeze ray, and the slime gun.  The slime gun allows you to cover items in slime and then move them around with the proton beam.  (this works its way into a lot of the puzzles)  Also, certain enemies have to be slimed before you can do any damage.  When you can get into a grove of fighting weaker enimeis, then capturing some big ghosts, the game can be really awesome.  The Puzzels in the game are really hit and miss.  Some are fun, some are boring, and some are frustrating.  Unfortunately your ghostbusting teammates are not much help and serve to get in your way more often than assisting.  I expected ghostbusters wii to have an almost squad like feeling to it, with me fighitng alongside the real Ghostbusters, but I was let down in this respect.  Fortunately, this is where the Co-Op comes in…

Co-Op has to be the best part of this game.  Fighting ghosts by yourself is fun, but fighting alongside a friend is pure epic awesomeness.  I did not think that split-screen multilayer would work for a title that controls like this, but they made it work.  The sense of team work really plays though.  Unfortunately, the two players cannot spit up to complete different tasks because if they get too far apart, one gets teleported to the other’s location.  This would not be a big problem, but there are plenty of glitches involved.  For one, the person who is farthest away from the objective is supposed to be teleported, though this is not always the case.  Imagine, after getting lost, finally finding where you are supposed to be just to get teleported away and become lost again.  Also, players are often teleported when they are already next to each other.  I would be directly to the right of my teammate, get the distance warning and be teleported so steps further away from him.

And this is not the only glitch.  Often times you will walk into a room and yourself staring at the emptiness of a black abyss…your first thought, of course, is that a ghost tore the fabric of space time…though it turns out the game just had not rendered that room yet.  You will see your AI teammates trying to walk through objects, to no avail, so you destroy the obecjt for them…and they keep on walking in place.  This is one of the most glitchy games I have played, and how so many bugs got through testing and debugging is beyond me.

I can’t by any standard say that this game is good…however, I have a hard time describing it as bad either.  At times its fun and charm will have you engrossed in the game’s word and keep you entertained.  At other times, the glitches and poor level design will frustrate and enrage you.  Ghostbusters for the Wii is really a hit and miss video-game that shines in some respects and fails in others.

3 Responses to “Ghostbusters (Wii) (6.5/10)”

  1. September 13, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Good review man, I had considered playing this at one time when it originally came out, but I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of what I got to play with it on the PS3 version, there’s just something about the game mechanic I wasn’t crazy about.

  2. September 16, 2010 at 7:40 am

    Im a gamer and from my experience games based off of movies are never good. Although this game seems promising. Thanks for the review I may give this a rental.

  3. September 16, 2010 at 7:59 am

    yeah, I would definitely say rent this game and see if you like it before you play it. It is kind of a hit and miss game. I enjoyed it, but was frustrated by its aforementioned problems. I hope you have better luck with it!

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