Sym-Bionic Titan: First Impressions

[warning: there may be a few minor spoilers ahead.  I will try not to spoil anything big though]

I don’t have Satellite or Cable, I get my TV through Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.  So Imagine my suprise when I read that Genndy Tartakovsky was not only making a new series, but that it had already premiered.  My nerd senses were going off at full blast.  Would it be a comedy in the way of Dexter’s Lab, an action series like Clone Wars (the 2d clone wars miniseries, that is) or would it be that perfect blend of action and comedy that made Samurai Jack one of the best animated series ever seen.

I started to watch the first episode…and well…I made a mistake I am not proud of…I watched the videos on youtube in the wrong order.  I thought they were doing that cool, jumping between past and present thing…until I got three parts into the show and saw the opening credits…  But it was ok, because I got to watch the show a second time (in the right order) with my brother immediately afterwards.

So since I literally know this episode forwards and backwards, I thought it may be nice to share my thoughts on it.

The basic premise of the show is that of a world at war.  The world of Galaluna has been overtaken by an evil race called the Mutraddi.  The king, being the wise man that he is, sends his daughter, Princess MacGuffin…er, I mean Princess Ilana to the distant planet of Earth.  To protect her, he also sends a young soldier named Lance and a robot named Octus.   Once they arrive on earth, they will have to pose as normal humans which means….high school *dramatic music plays*

So yeah, that is the plot.  2 humanoid aliens and a robot pretending to be high-school students while fighting off the evil aliens that attack them.  (they even have robotic suits)  The premise sounds…iffy to say the least.  But this is a Genndy Tartakovsky series, so it has to be good right?

Right!  They handle the High School element very well…serving as sort of a parody of high school.  In the scene where they are first at high school, Octus (discussed as a human) explains about the different social groups in highschool, such as the nerds, jocks, and cheerleaders.  I noticed that each group seemed to be designed in a slightly different art style being more of a caricatures of the group rather than a serious representation.  In Lance’s first encounter with the football players (who are seriously like 5 times bigger than any other character) they were so violent and brutish, I thought they were evil aliens at first.  It really felt like more like a commentary on high school than anything.  And I can see that the theme of aliens seeing our culture from a fresh perspective is going to be a big one in this show.

And as for the main trio of this adventure, I think we are in for a great cast.  The three characters are supposed to represent Heart, Mind, and Body. (A prevailing theme in the first episode…it seems to be tied into the central philosophy of Galaluna)  This is just the first episode, so there is not really a lot to go on, but I like what I have seen of the characters so far.

Princess Ilana (Representing Heart) – I really don’t know what to make of this character yet.  She seems to be very sensitive and very kind.  She believes strongly in equality (which seems sorta uncharacteristic of a princess) telling the students on the first day that she hopes they can rise above their social structures and unite as one people.  Being raised as a princess, she seems a little naive…However, that is not to say that she can’t defend herself as she proves that she is a capable fighter fairly earl on in the episode.  I expect there to be a lot in store for this character.  I am very interested to learn more about her.

Lance (Representing Body) – He is the hardened soldier.  I can’t say that I am particularly fond of him so far.  Don’t get me wrong, he is pretty awesome in that he is the best fighter in the group…but he almost seems like the dark brooding wolverine character in the group…and I just am not as interested in that.  While he seems incredibly loyal to the Princess…she brings up the line “I know your past” meaning that there is more to the character than to be seen.  I think he will turn out to be a pretty interesting character, but I don’t like him quite as much as the other two characters in the series (so far).

Octus (Representing Mind) – This is my favorite character so far.  First of all, just look at his robot design. (above) is that not one of the coolest robot designs you have ever seen.  Yeah…being the Spock of sorts, he is always interruption the constantly bickering Princess and Lance without even realizing that they are fighting.  He seems to be the one to tell them of human customs, though he seems to understand them the least.  I found his character to be hilarious and you know what, I am just a sucker for robots.  I look foward to seeing much more of this character.

As far as recurring bad guys go, we seem to have 3 (perhaps they too represent body, heart, and mind…but I can’t tell yet)  There is General Steel, the main military man.  I don’t have much to say about him one way or another… as he did not leave much of an impression.  There is Solomon, leader of G3 (Galactic Guardian Group) he seems to be the Man-In-Black/Nick Furry of the series and he is pretty awesome.  He has a really goth feel to him, all dark and silent.  His presence is very strong and very threatening.

Then there is Modula and I have got to say he is one of the most Bad-A villains I have seen in a while.  He is leader of the Mutraddi and while he is kinda cliche he fits it well.  He is tough, smart, and intimidating.  I really hope to see a lot of him in the rest of the series.

Overall, the first episode really left an impact.  I am sold and I can’t wait to watch more of this excellent series.  Lets just hope the rest of the show was as good as this first episode.

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