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Dojo of Fame – Steven Hillenburg (Animation Week Day 5)

And here comes the close of animation week.  Who better to dedicate the last day to than the creator of one of the most popular cartoons ever, Steve Hillenburg?!

Steve Hillenburg was originally a Marine biologist until he decided to abandon that job and peruse his other lifelong dream, a job in animation.

After making a few short films, He started out writing for Mother Goose & Grimm.  Before long he had a job doing the writing, storybording, and producing for Rocco’s Modern Life.

After Rocco ended, Steve decided to pitch a new show, based on his love for Marine life.  He, along with many of his friends from Rocco, pitched the idea to Nick and it was greenlit…and the rest is history.

Nearly everyone knows of Spongebob.  He is Nick’s most profitable character and the sheer amount of spongebob merchandise is beyond comprehension.  The show has run for 10 years, an amazing feat for any show..especially a cartoon.

After the first three seasons, a Spongebob Squarepants movie came out it was awesome.  unfortunately, Steve intended for it to be the series finale and planned to quit after the movie.  Nick, did not want to cancel the series though, as it was making a fortune.  Steve decided not to quit, but stepped down and became an executive produces, neglecting most of the creative aspects of the job.  Unfortunately, since then the show’s overall quality has dropped quite a bit.

According to NBC chicago (link here) Steve is working on two new TV projects, but won’t tell what they are at the moment.  Whatever they are, I bet it is good!

So Steve, for creating the show I quote most often, I salute you.  Welcome to the Dojo of Fame!

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