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“Fun Things to do on your Birthday Part 2” or “My 21st Birthversery!

Well, today is my 21st Birthday.  Here in the states, that is a big year since it is the legal drinking age.  And while I don’t drink (I just do pot 😉 ), this still feels like a big birthday.  This is also the 3rd Anniversary of my “Fun things to do on your Birthday” post, aka the most popular post on my site.  (Gaining over 100 comments…and I swear only 87 of those are me pretending to be a fan!)  So I have decided that it would be fun to do a sequel.  So my friends, without further ado, here are 21 fun things to do on your 21st birthday (or any birthday)!

  1. Kick it Hobbit style this year and buy everyone else gifts…the kind of gift you are going to want to borrow and then “forget” to return
  2. Go to the movies with some friends.  Pick a movie that you don’t expect to be good MST3K that bad boy.
  3. Go everywhere wearing a Birthday Crown
  4. Go everywhere wearing birthday glasses (like these)
  5. Go everywhere wearing a birthday suit…wait…uh, nevermind…
  6. Get a birthday cake that looks like the severed head of Seth Green…make your guests think you are turning to cannibalism
  7. Hire a magician!
  8. Hire a clown!
  9. Hire a mime!
  10. Make the clown, magician, and mime fight to the death for your amusement.
  11. Celebrate with these three guys – 123
  12. Throw a big party!  But keep in mind that a party is not a party unless Donny Osmond is there!  Just say his name 3 times and he will appear.  The tricky part is getting rid of him…you have to make him say (or spell) his name backwards.
  13. Go door to door singing Christmas carols, but change the lyrics to fit your birthday.  (Examples: “Rocking around the birthday tree”, “Birthday Bells”, “We wish me a merry birthday”, and “Silent Birthday”)
  14. Birthday cake fight!
  15. Robots…anything involving robots…
  16. Invite Bob Barker and Drew Carey over to guess the prices of your birthday gifts…
  17. …Them make them fight to the death (my money is on Bob Barker)
  18. Invent a time machine so that everyday is your Birthday!
  19. Read my blog…like, the whole thing all 3 1/2 year of it…seriously…you won’t regret it…
  20. Rather than spending your entire birthday focused on yourself, do something nice for someone else.  Yes.. that’s right… you should set all the animals in the zoo free!
  21. Bathe in radioactive waste….superpowers are the greatest of all birthday gifts

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little list!  Happy Birthday!


Fun things to do in a Library

This one is for you KingreX32!  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my lists.

  1. Be the like annoying librarian who follows everyone around and goes “Shhh!”
  2. Better yet, follow the librarian around and go “Shhhh!”
  3. Try to check out a reference book, when they tell you that you cannot check out reference books, make a scene.  “Excuse me for trying to check out a book…IN THE LIBRARY!” (Yes, I admit I stole this from a scene in pirates of the great salt lake)
  4. Come into the library with a sack, start filling the sack with books while making an evil laugh  (loudly) and occasionally yelling “Power! Unlimited power!” … while being told to stop, explain that books provide knowledge and knowledge is power.
  5. Come dressed as Amelia Earhart.  “I was flying over the bermuda triangle and then I woke up outside this library…”
  6. Read out loud
  7. Come dressed as an astronaut.  when questioned, explain that books take you to new worlds.
  8. Stand up and yell “Books and knowledge are great and all, but is even better! 😉
  9. One word: Pretzels (use your imagination)
  10. Start re-arranging books.  When asked to stop, explain that the Dewey decimal system is outdated and you are arranging books to confirm to the new Huey decimal system.
  11. Throw a “Book Themed Dance Party”
  12. build a house out of books
  13. set the home page on all the library computers to …. or, better yet…the cia web page…
  14. hug everyone who enters the library
  15. try to check out random items, such as the library computer, the decorations, a shelf, the librarian, etc.

Fun things to do on a College Campus

In 8 Days, I start my freshman year at UNA.  I am so excited.  So to celebrate, here is a list of fun things to do at a college campus.  (I really needed to write another Fun Things list anyways)

  1. If the school has live mascots (mine has 2 lions), set them free.  If caught explain that it was a metaphor that students should not be confined by the standards of conventinal wisdom, but that each man should choose his own route to enlightenment….then start laughing like a demonic schoogirl.
  2. Sneak into people’s dorm rooms and leave a little chocolate candy on their pillow….
  3. ….or better yet, pour chocolate syrup on their pillow.
  4. During the Big Game, while everyone else is singing the school’s fight song, you sing CGNU’s fight song.
  5. Have an impromptu yodeling contest in the library.
  6. Three words: pet ostrage races!
  7. When a freshman comes up to you asking for directions, scream “Stranger Danger” and run away.
  8. Start a rap war with a complete stranger.
  9. Pretend to be the world’s youngest professor of french philosophy.  Hold regular classes.
  10. Come to the math building bringing, a siamese cat with a siamese twin, weird al, a skateboard, a rope, and 4 pounds of cow dung….use your imagination.
  11. Come to your classes dressed as a clown!
  12. On a test, answer all the questions with Strong Bad quotes.
  13. Paint the grass on the football stadium pink.
  14. Invent a new type of math that includes marshmallows, pizza, and videogames in the equations….hold regular classes.
  15. Merge the class in #14 and the class in #9, call it french dude trigolosopy.
  16. Insist that the college grant you Sabbatical.
  17. Hold a concert on the roof of the dorm bulding.  Can’t sing or play insturments, you say?  Who cares!  Just give it your best shot!

Fun things to do in a Doctor’s Office

Hmmm……I have not written one of these in a while.  It is flu season…so how about a Dr.’s Office one.

  1. See how many cotton balls you can fit in your mouth.
  2. Run in screaming “I’M DYING!  I’M DYING!  OH MY…wait…no….false alarm!”  Then leave.
  3. Come in in a bio-hazard suit.  Act like nothing unusual is happening.  If questioned simply say that you are taking standard precautions.   Explain that ever since you have been prescribed as a hypochondriac, you have been afraid you are gonna spead it to others.
  4. Run out of the hospital screaming “The Catheter is a lie!”
  5. Pass out free urine samples.
  6. Cover your face with ketchup then run in screaming “THE CLOWN DID IT TO ME!”  See how long it takes them to figure out that it is ketchup….and that the clown is Ronald McDonald.
  7. Come in crying and acting like it is an emergency.  When they take you back, explain that you have a paper cut and you want them to kiss it and make it better.
  8. While in the waiting room, stand up and shout “Medical Care is great and all, but it’s not as healthy as 😉 )
  9. Bring your pet ostridge.
  10. Come covered in bandages…if/when someone asked what happens say “I don’t wanna talk about it” then whisper “Darn chiwawas”
  11. Cough to the tune of Jingle Bells
  12. When the Dr. says “What seems to be the trouble,” reply by explaining all of the world’s problems.
  13. As soon as he/she puts the stethoscope to your chest scream “ITS SO COLD!”
  14. Tickle the other patients.  When told to stop, say “laughter is the best medicine”

Disclaimer:  I don’t actually want you to do these things.  Doctor’s are very important people and they deserve respect…etc.  This post is just a joke, so don’t harass me about it.


Fun things to do at a Sam’s Club

  1. When they ask you for your membership card, wave your hand and say “you don’t need to see my identification.  I’m not the droid your looking for”.
  2. Buy a bunch of hot dogs and try to start a Hot Dog eating contest with the employees.
  3. When asked to show your card, say “uh…my card…well, you see..I…” then run away as fast as you can.
  4. Hijack the PA system Microphone and announce to the customers that the store is being attack by aliens and they are all gonna die.
  5. Get a cart and head to the air conditioners.  Wait until an employee is watching then try to put it in your cart.  They should come to help.  Get them to load it for you then explain that you need 13 of them.  (for resale) After they have loaded all 13 air-conditioners…tell them you changed your mind and don’t want them after all.
  6. Get a free sample.  Wait 5 minuits and come back for another one.  Continue the process.
  7. Get everyone’s attention  by screaming that you have an announcement to make.  Tell them “buying stuff in bulk is great, but not as great as”.;)
  8. Three Words:  Cheese Wiz Bomb!
  9. Steal the free samples
  10. Open up everything and put part of it in your cart.  (Ex:  Open up the box of 600 Popsicles and put 3 in your cart)  When someone ask what your doing, reply “All these boxes have so much!  I’m only one person, I don’t need to buy in bulk!”
  11. Buy the 60 count Eggo waffles.  Wait outside and throw the frozen waffles at people leaving the store.

Fun Things to Do During a Test

  1. Wad up the paper, and throw it at the teacher. Get  up, get the paper and demand to know why the teacher wadded up your test.
  2. Hire someone to do the test for you. if you are broke, pay him/her in pencil shavings.
  3. Come Dressed as a Lobster. (There is no rule against it!)
  4. If you are in my class, make a perfect grade. Then sign my name instead of yours.
  5. On the test, write “Mr. Washington would like it if I got a perfect score.” Tape a penny to the test.
  6. Stand on your test and yell “Education is important and all, but not as important as!!!” 😉
  7. Write “27” for every answer.
  8. Ignore the questions. Instead write about your love life. (or lack thereof) After the test, ask the teacher what he/she thinks you should do.
  9. Throw a pencil sharpener at the teacher. Yell “Whatcha gonna do about it, skippy? Fail me?!”
  10. Write the answers to the test in reverse.
  11. Write with a number 3 pencil instead of number 2
  12. Three Words: Arson Loving Penguin
  13. During the middle of the test, stand up and start singing. I would recommend “It’s not unusual” by Tom Jones or Joy to the World! ( Jeremiah was a bull frog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said. But I helped him a-drink his wine)
  14. Bring your pet bullfrog, Jeremiah!
  15. Throw Jeremiah at another student. Call the student “A stuck up, scruffy looking nerf herder”
  16. Play Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  17. Ask the teacher for the answers. When he or she refuses, threaten to fire him/her.
  18. Refuse to answer any of the questions but insist a perfect score. Say you earned it.

Fun things to do when in the middle of the school play

Yeah, if you don’t already know, I am in the school play.  (Not Cool!)  The play was clever, well written, and funny.  Then our teacher (who would not know humor if it hit her) took out most of the jokes.  The play is now stupid, humorless, and incoherent.  Most of us have lost complete interest in this new version.  Therefore, we suck.  So, in an attempt to rid myself of some of the stress….I present: Fun Things To Do In The School Play!

  1. Start Speaking with a fake accent. (A girl really is doing this…it is awesome)
  2. Dance at inappropriate times.  (like in the part of the play where you find out your aunt is murdered)
  3. Start a fight.
  4. Two Words: Water Balloons.
  5. One Word: Improv.
  6. Refuse to preform unless you are served a glass bowl of brown M&Ms.
  7. Randomly start singing Geeks In Love
  8. Preform the part perfectly…someone else’s part that is.
  9. If anyone boos, make them try to do better
  10. Suddenly yell, “Theatre is great and all, but is better!”
  11. Throw rotten produce at the audience.  (see how they like it!)
  12. Pretend to be Hamlet.  Preform all of his lines…unless the play is Hamlet….then you can be Romeo.
  13. Halfway through the play, yell “Cut” and walk away saying “I can’t work with these people!  I’m taking 5.”
  14. “Forget” your lines and bring out the playbook to look them up.
  15. Bring your pet ostrich to school.   (See fun things to do in Wal-Mart)

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