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Club Ninendo Platinum Prize, 2010!

Yay!  I got my club Nintendo Prize today!  I made a video where I show off my shiny prize.  Why?  Because I have nothing better to do with my life!


Pokemon Apokelypse

Check out this awesome fan made trailer for a live-action Pokemon movie.

[btw, I did not make this]


Top 5 Theme Songs (with Lyrics)

Theme songs, you know you love them.  They are catchy, and they prepare you for the show you are about to watch.  Before I start with this list, there are three things I should note.  1.) The song has to have been written for the show.  You can’t just throw in some licensed music and hope for it to count.  2.) The song has to have lyrics (sorry stargate) and 3) This list is not definitive.  This is my opinion and it is bound to change.  (besides, I am probably forgetting a song)



Darkwing Duck

Like the show or not.  You have to admit it has a great theme song.  Everything from the chants of “Darkwing Duck” to the infamous “Let’s get Dangerous” this was a great theme song.  However, it was not quite great enough to make the list.

Spectacular Spider-Man

When this show premiered, I was so nervous.  Would this show live up to the 90’s creation that I had grown to love?  Luckily the show surpassed my wildest expectations, becoming my favorite superhero show.  And the moment I was hooked?  The first time I heard this song.


5. Danny Phantom

This queen inspired song sets up the story and makes a boring “origin” episode unnecessary.  It is catchy, it rocks, and we love it.  I love the way it has a few whispers (“He’s a phantom” “Danny Phantom”) that really bring out the ghost aspects of the show.

4. Psych

This catchy upbeat song captures the spirit of the show.  It is catchy, witty, and fun.  Best of all, they don’t mind mixing it up for special episodes doing things like having it sung by a choir or in Spanish.  The only problem?  To hear the full version you have to wait for the credits.

3. Monk

I seriously think Adrian Monk is the real man who wrote this song.  It is his entire philosophy rolled up into a song…a really catchy song.  In fact, I think just hearing this song makes you a little germaphobic.  There was a lot of controversy among fans when they replaced the original theme (without lyrics) for this one.  Admittedly, It took some getting used to, but this is a great theme.

2. Duck Tales

This is quite possibly the catchiest song in the whole world.  It has been almost two decades, and we are still singing it.  I think we will never be able to stop singing it.  In fact, it is the only part of the show I remember

1. The Highlander

BEST THEME SONG EVER.  You are greeted by a voice explaining the premise of the show.  You can only see silhouettes of the main character, until his name is spoken.  The suddenly queen melts your face off with the coolest song ever.  I don’t think it can ever be topped.


Should have used Energizer

A little video I threw together.  My vision of a perfect battery commercial.


The Higlander Opening

Such a great show


Post Number 600, Year Number 3, and Excuse Me, Princess!

Yay!  This is my 600th post!

To celebrate, I am going to post a video I found on youtube containing every instance of “Well, excuse me princess” in the entire LOZ cartoon series! yay….

um, yeah…happy postaverery….OMG, I JUST CREATED A NEW WORD!  Birthversery, you have a new little brother, postversery.

I think I need to establish a definition for this made up word.  A postversery is a celebration of writing 100 posts.  So I suppose this is my 6th postversery.  Well, here is to another 6!

After writing this post, I decided to look at some of my older posts when I discovered something awesome.  This is not just my 6th postversery, its also the 3 year aniversery of my blog.
I can remember it now as though it were a wavy flashback…
It was march of 2007, my first blog had been turned into a linkfarm by the evil villains that were hosting it.  I was distraught, I had over 100 posts on that blog, but I was determined to rebuild.  I had been able to salvage a few posts (with the help of Babcom) and was looking for a new place to host my blog.  After a brief stint of sharing a blog with Earl and DS, I started a new place at iblog365.  JamesDojo 2.0 was born on March 28th of 2007.  After 9 months of posting, I had a disagreement with iblog 365 (they were putting ads in my blog!)  So I moved all my posts to wordpress, and I changed the sites name to JamesDojo 3.0.
Ah, so many good times….
Well, thanks everyone for reading my posts (all 4 of you)

Ocarina Get!

I got an Ocarina for Christmas!!!!  I look forward to learning how to play, as I slowly drive my family crazy with the practicing.  I posted a me playing the first few notes of joy to the world.  Its not long, because I can’t play it that well yet.  Anyways, I hope you have a merry christmas!


Ducks Make for Good Theme Songs!

Great duck shows, great duck songs.



Greatest Americian Hero Theme

I love this song….I should start watching the show, it looks good….I wonder if Hulu has it?


Kirby’s Midnight Snack

Found this kirby fan-fic on youtube, its halarious, hope you like it!

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