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Breaking News! – Comic Book Movies!

Wow, this has been an exciting week for the world of comic book movies.  We have gotten everything from new info on the Spider-man reboot, to announcements of new movies.  Here is a quick recap of the news:

Spider Man Reboot News:

It was recently announced that the Spider-Man reboot would actually tie-in to the original three movies.

The film will start out showing Peter (played by Tobey Maguire) and MJ (still played by Kirsten Dunst) getting married.  The film will then show a montage of their married life together (while playing the opening credits).  The scene will then shift to Mephisto’s realm.  Peter and MJ agree to change time so that their marriage never happened in order to save Aunt May.  The story will then transition to the new continuity with a new peter and a new MJ.

Spider-Man Brand New Day will be released in 2012.

Ryan Reynolds Signs on For New Roles:

In addition to being Green Lantern and Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has also signed on to play Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four Reboot.  He has also signed on to be Robin in the new Batman film, Bucky in Captain America, Aquaman for the newly announced DC adaptation of Aquaman, and Jughead (from Archie comics).

Power Pack: The Movie:

And we thought that Disney Buying out Marvel would be a bad thin!  Disney  has just announced a Power Pack Movie!  This new feature will have everyone’s favorite preteen superheros fighting to save Micky Mouse!  And yes, Miley Cyrus is going to be in this film, as well as the Jonas Brothers.


So far with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS)

So, I have been getting into the DS version of this game lately.  Its pretty cool.  The game world has kind of a maze layout…similar to Metroid.  (and castlevania…or so I’m told.)  Controlling DS Spidey is surprisingly fun, and I am continually amazed at how agile and acrobatic he is.  I mean, I know he is Spider-man, but expected the DS controls would have been more limiting.  Instead, I am throwing enemies into the air, punching them, then swinging away.  (and kicking a few of them in mid swing.)

Granted, it does have its problems.  For example, it sometimes feels like more of a button masher than a real game. Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,up,Y,Y,Y,Y,” describes a lot of the fights.  And when you lost a life, it makes you play a mini-game to restore your health.  Yeah, the minigame is a great idea in theory, but in practice it turns out to be very annoying.

But so far, I am really enjoying the game.  For a DS copy of a console game, its pretty sweet.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (4.5/5)

YAY!  I Finally got to see this film, and I was not dissapointed!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is kinda like a prequel to the X-Men Trilogy that tells Wolverine’s backstory.  Its not exactly like the comics, of course, but its a good story, and thats all that counts.  Granted, I do not think it seemed to fit in with the X-Men trilogy well.  It does not condradict the originals outright, but it takes some creative liberties.  (more or less like the SW prequels 😉 ) The acting is great, and the action is better.  The plot has some twist and turns, but never enough to make your head spin.  Overall, this is a great super hero movie.  My only real complaint is how they did deadpool and Gambit.  I can’t go into more detail for fear of spoilers, but I can say that deadpool was not handled right, and gambit did not have enough screen time.  (IMHO)

If you are in the mood for a super-hero movie, rent this.  If you are in the mood for an action movie, rent this.  You won’t regret it.


Marvel Disney

Ok, I am sure you all know by know that Disney bought Marvel.  (Something I tried to do, but it turns out stan lee won’t accept James Points as currency 😉 )  At first, I flipped.  I imagined the worst crossovers ever.  The Avengers having to gaurd the disney princessed.  Then I remembered there was more to disney than all the princess sets my sister owns and the johnas brothers and hanna montanna….they got some decent stuff too.

I think this can be a good thing.  I mean, really disney is cool.  They will keep things runnign smoothly and may even improve upoun marvel’s awesomeness.  I mean, we shouldh have seent this coming, they already have most of the marvel cartoons on disney XD.  (Though I liked it better as toon disney)

I just have one thing to say to disney.

If you cancel the spectacular spiderman, I will hunt you down.  And it won’t be pretty.


Fantastic Four Reboot?!

Last night, Earl told me that he heard that Fox is planning a Fantastic Four reboot. After searching for it on my own, I was able to find some unconfirmed rumors about it. Apparently, Fox wants to scrap the entire cast from the previous two films and start the series over like they did with The Incredible Hulk. Now, with Hulk this was a good idea, but I liked the first two Fantastic Four movies. They do not need to get a reboot.

They way I see it, if the original one was so bad, then why did it get a sequel? Sure, it has its critics, but it is not bad enough to warrant a reboot. This new one will supposedly take a darker tone; it is being compared to Iron Man and The Dark Knight. That is the problem, ever since TDK, dark comic book movies have become a fad. There is nothing wrong with some of them being dark. Batman should be dark, but the Fantastic Four?! I know they have their dark moments, but I don’t think of them as particularly dark comic.

I sincerely hope this rumor is false, because I think it will ruin the series, but what do you think?


Ultimate Spider-Man


DS has recently lent me a some Ultimate Spider-Man comics.  Now I am addicted.  Thanks a lot, DS. 😉  The Ultimate Spider-Man series is one of the best ones I have read.  In case you don’t know, USM is kind of a retelling of Spider-Man  (and the rest of the Marvel universe) only set for modern times.

The stories are wonderfully crafted and everything that happens connects to something else.  It feels as though he is juggling tons of different plot points without missing a beat.  All of the characters fell real, and you really get sucked into this world.  Briam Michael Bendis is a genius.  He even managed to take the original 11 page story of the origin of Spider-Man, and reenvision it in a 7 comic long story arch.  There is so much detail in these stories.  You gotta love it.

Of cource in a comic, the writing is nothing without the art.  Mark Bagley does a wonderfull job of bringing life into the comic with his drawings.  I admit, I did not like his style very much at first, but it kind of grows on you and it works well with this incarnation of the Marvel Universe.  Sometimes, the pictures even manage to steal the scene and become more amazing that the words.

If you are a comic fan, or are wanting to get into comic, this is definetly a good place to start.


Wolverine and the X-Men


I recently got my hands on the first 6 episodes of this new X-Men Series and they are epic.

After an explosion destroys the X Mansion and causesProfessor X and Jean Grey to dissapear, the X-Men spilt up.  One year later, life is hard for mutants.  They are openly persecuted and a mutant registation act is about to goto congress.  The only safe haven is genosia, an island controlled by Magneto.  It is getting close to war, and Wolveriene knows it.  While trying to bring the team back togather, he gets a messages from the future.  It is the prof. telling him that the future is an apocolyptic place and the x-men must stop it.  And wolveriene must lead them.

Ok, so the premise sounds kinda corny when I say it, but it comes of really well in the show.  This cartoon is great, and is now one of my favroites.  I am looking foward to seeing some more.  (Episode 7 works as a sequel to the Hulk Vs. Wolverien movie)

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