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Merry Christmas!…um, Here are some Random Quotes!

Have a very merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a great day!


Oh, and incase you don’t know, has started updating again and has 2 decemberween toons up.  (It’s a decemberween mackerel!)  So in honor of these joyous occasions, here is 5 Random Quotes from Decemberween by Homestarrunner!

  1. “That’s it, I’m going back to your house. Later on, we’ll conspire.”
  2. “That’s right! This Decemberween, I,, will attempt to sled down… The Steep Deep!”
  3. “♫♪ I got Strong Bad a Deep Impact! ♪♫”
  4. “Bubs, I need to buy everyone and their brother Decemberween presents!”
  5. This



Halloween + Scooby Doo + Google = Awesome

Google has put up 5 Scooby Doo themed banners for Halloween.  They are awesome.  Check them out below.  (click on an image to enlarge it)

Oh, and Google, W.B. …uh, please don’t sue me!  I love these banner images and I just want to preseve their glory.  I am not trying to infringe on your rights, I just want to share these fine images with the rest of the internet.  Thanks!


Great Geek Webpages

I’m a geek, he’s a geek, she’s a geek, yeah we’re all geeks.

…ok, now that I have gotten that reference out of the way, I can begin my post.  As geeks we love the internet (or “teh interwebs” for those of you who are “hip with the lingo”)  So I thought I would write a little post showing off some of my favorite web pages that you may not know about.  I am not going to include sites like IGN because…well, everyone knows about IGN.  These are the sites that most people have never heard of (like mine!)  I hope they kill as much of your spare time as they have mine.

General Geekyness

Geekosystem – Ok, this is my new favorite website.  This place has a little bit of everything, and chances are if you can’t find it on geekosystem, you can find a link to it on geekosystem.  It gets updated several times a day, so there is always plenty to read, and about 90% is worth your time.  If you only visit one site from this list, it should be this one.  Geekosystem, I salute you! – If you like pokemans, then you will love this site. Basically, they have manages to archive every episode of the anime.  Need I say more?  To see Ash catch them all, just tune into


Ok, these are not sites, so much as they are pictures.  I got both of them from geekosystem and they are both by the same guy.

Sir Ian – Ian Mckellen in his magneto suit with baby chicks.  Yeah, this one is my wallpaper

Lazy Sunday Afternoon – Christopher Walken building a robot, what’s not to like?

Web Comics

This is the longest section of the post.  Ironically, I don’t actually follow any of these comics regularly.  I read several comics, then leave the series alone for a few months (or up to a year) then randomly come back and pick up where I left off.  But when I do feel like reading a webcomic, these are the sites I go to!  They are all hilarious, and I think you will like them.

Awkward Zombie – I recently discovered this site, and it is really funny.  Expect a lot of Nintendo humor (especially Smash Bros. references)

Funny Farm – Again, another very funny site.  I got into this a long time ago and only re-discovered it a few months back.  It is about a bunch of animals living together in a boarding house.  Granted, it sounds like a rejected newspaper funny idea, but he actually makes the idea work.  There are a few story arcs in this comic, so it is best to start from the beginning, but  it is not absolutely necessary.

Sonic and Pals – Ok, Ok, I know what your thinking..a sprite comic…about Sonic Characters…it does sound lame. But the guy has been doing a comic a day for the past 6 years.  The site’s fourms have a crazy dedicated fanbase.  And it has done quite well, and with good reason.  This is a very well written comic.  There is plenty of humor and running gags.  All in all, this is probably my favorite on the list.  Warning though, it does contain a lot of different story arcs and you have to start from the beginning, which is a shame because the first few months worth of comics are not that great…but once it gets going, it really gets interesting.

Garfield Minus Garfield –  Ok, this is the funnies comic on this list.  Heck, this is the funniest link on this list.  Garfield Minus Garfield is exactly what the name implies.  They take a garfield comic from the paper, and photoshop Garfield out of the picture, leaving John alone and talking to himself.  This comic is hilarious in such a surreal way, as John starts yelling at a cup of coffee for no reason or talks about how great it is to have a friend and then bursts into tears.  You will not find a funnier webcomic anywhere else.  Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, even loves it.  And so should you!

Blogs, Blogs, and more Blogs!

These final four are all blogs that I already link too.  I thought I would mention them here though because I can’t stress how fun they are to read.

Crossroads – This site is run by my best friend.  It is much like my site in that it covers a little of everything (including the occasional short stories)  It is always fun, always funny, and always awesome.

Earl’s Blog: Part III – Also run by one of my best friends, Earls blog tends to concentrate on films.  He does the other stuff too, but cinema is really his expertise.  His reviews are always entertaining.  We have very, very, very different tastes in movies, but I still find the reviews very helpful and often check with him before watching something new.

KigreX32’s Site – The tagline reads “Unbiased Wii and DS reviews by a Wii and DS owner.” and that pretty much sums up the site.  His reviews are good and fun to read.

Cut the Crap Video Game Reviews – You may have heard of its sister site, Cut the Crap Movie Reviews, it has won a few awards.  Personally, I had never heard of it but it is supposed to be great.  Cut the Crap Game reviews prides itself in being “for people who don’t read video game reviews”it is a fun format and that is a blast to read.  It looks as though this site is just starting out (actually, it started 1 month ago today)  It really looks like it has potential.  They don’t just do new games, but they do plenty of retro reviews and flash game reviews.  Not to mention they have cool polls to vote in.


Legend of Korra

Ok, we have a little more information on the new avatar series.

It takes place 70 years after the first series and focuses on the new avatar: Korra.  The working title is “The Legend of Korra.”  She already knows all of the elements except air, and she is being taught by Aang’s son Tenzin.  It shall take place in Rebublic City, a large city home to people from all nations.  There is an airbending revolt there and lots of crime.  Expect it to be a more mature show.  It should be coming out in 2011.

click Here for an interview with the creators

and Here is the avatarWiki page for the series


Child’s Play

When I was younger, I was a sick little person.  I had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. (Including several birthdays and Christmases)  One thing I always remember about the experience is playing hospital’s SNES. It is how I got my first taste of gaming.  Since then, gaming has grown into a passion, and (hopefully) future career.

Child’s play is a charity set up to provide sick children with Videogames, Movies, and Books.  The best part of this charity is that it is run by the video-game industry.  They are hoping to prove that the bad stereotypes that seem to follow gamers while using the industry to brighten a sick kid’s day.

This charity is a great organization.  I know firsthand that they can change lives.


Ebert Apologizes!

After all the hate mail he received from his article explaining why “games will never be art” he apologizes. He says that he was wrong to write about video games without actually playing them.  He pretty much admits that he has no interest in ever playing them.  While he never concedes that games are art, he does say “I had to be prepared to agree that gamers can have an experience that, for them, is Art.” which is good enough for me.

Read the full article here:



Ok, so I on day three of my 1-month trial, and I am already a satisfied customer.  This morning I got my first DVD from Netflix in the mail, Star Trek TNG disk 1.  Ok, I admit that I have not actually watched the DVD yet, but I am impressed that it took less tha 48 hours to arrive.

The real beauty of Netflix does not even seem to be the DVDs.  I am having more fun with the Instant Stream content.  They have all kinds of great movies and cartoons.  It feels like we have cable again…but without the commercials…or having to have cable.  In the last three days I have watched a little of everything from spongebob and American dragon: Jake Long to Dead Zone and Heroes.

Along with Star Trek DVD, I revived wii and ps3 disks.  They were a breeze to set up, and it’s great to be able to watch fairly oddparents in my room.  There is a great selection, and it has nice little features like keeping track of where you are in each show you watch, so you can pick up where you left off later.

All in all, I am giving Netflix a thumbs up.  This is one of the best services the net has to offer, especially if you have ditched cable and are relying exclusively on Hulu and Youtube like my family.  Its much cheaper than cable, and twice as entertaining.


Super Mario Crossover

I usually don’t spend a lot of time playing flash games on the web (at least, not during  these last couple years)  But Mr. Brewer recently made me aware of what I now believe to be the greatest game on the internet.

Super Mario Crossover!

Basicly, you just play Super Mario Bros. but as a character from another game!

I was not too impressed at first, thinking it was just a sprite-swap, but I was wrong.  Each character plays just like they did in their own games, and the result is some of the most exciting 8-bit gameplay I have experienced in years.

The roster consists of the following:

  • Mario
  • Link
  • Samus
  • Megaman
  • Bill R.
  • Simon

Each character has his own strengths and weaknesses (I prefer MegaMan, he is just so fun)  If you like these older games, you owe it to yourself to check it out:


InFamous: Post Blast

Ok, I just beat InFamous.  (That review is coming soon)  While searching the internet for refrences to a sequel, I stumbled across something interesting.  It turns out that Sucker Punch (through IGN) has release a 4-part free downloadable comic that servers as a prequel to the game.  It looks pretty interesting, and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the first two weeks after the explosion.

You can download it here

Or, it can also be found on InFamous Wiki here


The Ocarina Network

I have found another excellent source of Ocarina music and info, The Ocarina Network.  This fourm has anything you would want to know about ocarinas!  It is much better than that other place I found.  The downside?  You must register before you can freely roam the site.  But its well worth it for anyone interested in the Ocarina.

btw, I will try to post up some vids of me playing as soon as I can figure out a way to get some decent sound quality.

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