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Holy Crap!

I was looking through my new Star Wars book when I came across this…


so awesome…


Battlefront Elite Squadron Gameplay Footage

I found these on youtube.  I still think its a little early to make a call…its not quite what I expected.  (and yes, I did know it was not going to be first person)  I am still looking foward to it, hopefully it will be awesome.  But to be safe, I am going to check plenty of reviews first before I make the purchase.  (Usually a good idea)


New Battlefront for the DS/PSP

Ok, I have acually known about this game for a long time….I thought I already posted about it, but apparently not…yeah, so they are making a new battlefront game for the DS and PSP.  The PSP version is going to be developed by Rebellion Developments, and the DS version shall be made by N-Space.  I don’t know much much about it yet…but I can tell you the release date is November 3rd, 2009.
The plot according to Wikipedia goes a little something like this:

Gamers assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66, X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 isn’t the only Force-sensitive clone, however. X1, his clone brother, chooses a much more sinister path, leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and the Rebellion.

The gameplay is supposed to be like other games in the series, fight on foot, ground vehciles, and in space.  It acually sounds like they are trying to jam Battlefront 3 into the handheld consoles.  I, personally, am very excited for this game. If done right, I would be able to bring epic battles SW themed battles around with me.  (A dream come true)  If done wrong however, it would become the next ET.  (ok, prehaps thats a bit harsh….)

So to paraphrase palpatine, And you, young Battlefront… We will watch your development with great interest.


Star Wars Season 2 Trailer

It looks as though the next season is going to be great.  I can’t wait for it!…I just need to finish season 1 first…


Some Star Wars News

Well, I have recently found out some great Star Wars Related News.  While there was a lot of it going on at comic con, I don’t have it all yet.  However I will tell you what I know, and post more as I find out more.

Star Wars: In Concert:

Yes, this is what you think it is.  John Williams and an orcastra is going on tour to play Star Wars music live, with a giant screen playing clips of the show in the background.  …and yes, there is lazers too.  Star wars fan boys/girls rejoyce, cause we are gonna rock and roll all night to these wonderfully composed songs.  Plus, it seems as though they are also bringing star wars props for the fans to look at in a little museum of sorts.  Blows your mind does’snt it?

So, I checked the tour scheduel, and if you don’t live in the westernmost coast of the united states, then you are out of luck, because that is where all the stops are.  Hopwefully it will come out this way eventually.  (Heck, I might just take a road trip to california 😉 )

Star Wars in 3d:

I know this has been rumored for years, but I have heard on a few sites that it has been confirmed that George Lucas is going to re-release Star Wars in 3d.  When?  I don’t know.  But I am going.  Granted, I do not like the trend of 3d movies (not enough bang for your buck), but this will be worth it….oh, how it will be worth it.

…and thats pretty much all I know right now.  They also said more words about Clone Wars Season 2, The KOTOR MMOG, and a Force Unleashed DLC pack….but thats about it.


Star Wars Retold

Ok, I had just decided to go over the films submitted for the 2009 Star Wars fan film awards.  I decided to start with the George Lucas pick award winner, and it is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.  My throat and lungs are in pain right now from all the laughing I just did.  If you like star wars, then you need to see this.


Yeah, My Girlfriend Rocks

Betcha did’nt even know I had a girlfriend, did ya? Yeah, well I am living proof that even the nerdliest of nerds can find a girl.  And she is awesome.  Of course, I know that already, but I am choosing now to tell you.  Why?  Because today she gave me a Amigurumi (Crochet Doll) that she made.  And yes, it is nerdy.  Can you say “Yoda”?

Yeah, my girlfriend made me a one-of-a-kind stuffed Yoda doll.  Therefore, I say again, My girlfriend rocks.  Of course, Yoda is not the only reason why she rocks, but it is enough to make any other male nerd who passes by this site jealous.  So…..yeah. Nuff’ Said.



Lost Potential – Shadows of the Empire (N64)

In the early 90’s, the world of Star Wars fans was abuzz. There was a new story, Shadows of the Empire, that bridged the gap between episode 5 and 6. There was to be a book, comic, and a video game. Each would tell the same story from a different point of view. The book showed the perspective from the main characters of the movies and Prince Zizor, one of the chief villains. The comic tells Bobba Fett’s side of the story, and the gamers would have the opportunity to play as Dash Rendar – he pretty much takes the place of Han Solo.

The book itself was great, and the action figures are cool. (Yes, I has some) I have not had the pleasure to read the comic, but I do own the game.

Is this starting to sound familiar? Yeah, sounds like The Force Unleashed.

Shadows of the Empire had the potential to be one of the best games for the N64. The level designs were impressive, the bad guys were fun to fight, and it had one of the best, albeit small, arsenals of any Star Wars game I have played. The 6 weapons included a basic blaster, seeker missiles, a flamethrower, pulse cannon, surprisingly fun stun gun, and the disrupter – think handheld nuke. There was even a jetpack. A JETPACK! And it was not painfully weak like in battlefront, you felt like Bobba Fett in that thing! Most levels were Third Person Shooters, but some were vehicle levels, including a very fun swoop bike sequence and a crazy rail shooter level. Overall, this game had it all, but it was sorely lacking in one department. Control.

There were about 4 different control schemes, and all of them sucked. Half of the difficulty in the game came from aiming and walking coherently. You would think that Dash was drunk!

Also, the game opens with the battle of hoth, where you have to use a snow speeder to fight AT-AT and AT-STs. That level is the opposite of fun. These two thing pretty much ruined the game for many people. (I was dedicated enough to trudge through until the last level…which was a x-wing battle that played out exactly like the first level.)

As a slap in the face, there is a cheat code that leads to a de-bug menu. This menu gives you control over everything in the game, which quadruples the play time…but entering the code will drive you insane.

First, pause the game on any stage and hold down ALL of the following buttons: Z, R, L, all the C buttons, and left on the digital cross pad.

Then, with all the buttons still held, move the control stick HALFWAY to the right, and hold it for about five seconds until you hear a donk.

When you hear the donk, then move the control stick halfway to the left, and hold for about five seconds until you hear a donk. Repeat to right again, and then again to the left. Now pink text should appear at the top of the screen. Use the L and R buttons to switch between options, the control stick up and down to change (where applicable) and to activate. When you use one of the options or leave the pause screen, the next time you pause the text will be gone. To get it back, hold all of the buttons you held to activate the code, and move the stick halfway either to the left or to the right.

IT TAKES 7 HANDS TO IMPUT THAT CODE. (yes, I managed it, but I had to use my nose to move the analogue stick, and it gave me a headache.)

Well, this post is getting really long so I need to make my point and quick. Shadows of the Empire had a lot of potential, and I would love to see that potential realize someday. Maybe the game could be remade for current generations or something, it would be awesome.  Yeah…thats pretty much it.


Dojo of Fame – Ben Burtt


Ben Burtt is a legend.  He is most widely known for giving R2D2 his voice.  (well, beeps) He was the sound designer for Star Wars.  He created the humm of lightsabers, the chilling sound of Vader’s mask, and the iconic sound of blaster fire.

Now, this alone is enough to make him awesome.  However, it is not all!  Ben Burtt also was the sound designer for Wall-E.  (probably his biggest achievement)   He has also worked on several other ears and even helped decide wich audio compression method is used for digital television!

When it comes to sound, Ben Burtt is the man.  He has been making movies sound better for years, and for that I salute him!

“In Star Wars, I wanted to come up with a very massive rumble for a spaceship flying overhead… I recorded the air conditioner in my motel room, slowed it down so it was even deeper and that became the rumble for the spaceships”   – Ben Burtt

Academy Awards 

  • Sound Effects Editing in 1982 for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Sound Effects Editing in 1989 for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Special Achievement for sound editing in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
  • Nominated for:
  • Sound and Sound Effects Editing in 1983 for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • Sound Effects Editing in 1988 for Willow
  • Sound in 1989 for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Documentary Short Subject in 1996 for directing Special Effects: Anything Can Happen
  • Sound Effects Editing in 1999 for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • (information stolen from Wikipedia, picture and quote from Silicon Valley Radio)


Battlefront III Renders Leaked

It looks like there is finally some evidence to support the oft-rumored Battlefront 3.  Renders of Star Wars characters with a battlefront 3 logo recently appeared on the personal site of a 3d artist for Free Radical.  These pictures were pulled, but a german fansite got a hold of 10 of them, then gamespot got them….and thats why I know about it.

The renders include: Palpatine, Han Solo (pictured below), Royal Imperial Gaurds, Jawas, a Rebel Soldier (pictured above), and what appears to be a new character.

This is a good sign for Battlefront Fans like me.  I just hope it comes out for the wii.  (though even if it does not, my PC should run it!)

That was the good new, now it is time for the bad news.  Free Radical has closed.  That means there is currently no one to finish developing the game.  Though, this is Lucasarts we are talking about.  They won’t ditch a sequel that so many people are looking foward to!  (remembers Sam & Max 2) *facepalm* …but this is Star Wars, so I bet a developer will appear.

You can read gamespot’s article and see all 10 of the renders here

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