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Holy Crap!

I was looking through my new Star Wars book when I came across this…


so awesome…


Phantom Hourglass (9/10)

Having already played Spirit Tracks, I had an idea of what to expect when I came into Phantom hourglass.  I expected it to be cute and entertaining.  A great Zelda game.  The game did not disappoint.

Phantom Hourglass takes place right after Wind Waker.  (***Minor Wind Wake Spoilers in this paragraph***)  It starts with an adorable paper cut out type cutscene that gives you a cliff notes version of Wind Waker.  You then see Link and Tetra sailing on the open sea, searching for the Ghost Ship.  Long story short: They find it and Tetra gets kidnapped.  Link wakes up on an island to see….Navi?  Oh wait, that is Ciela, she is a fairy that looks just like Navi, only she is much cooler.  She seems to have amnesia and lives with her adopted “grandpa”.  They decide to rescue Tetra, but need a ship.  Long story short, they meet someone with a ship.  His name is Linebeck, a cowardly treasure hunter with an inferiority complex.

The cast is great.  They start out kinda annoying at first, but they really grow on you.  You really grow to love Ciela and Linebeck as you see they are both pretty cool characters.  They are great characters and, like the rest of the game, have a cute cartoony personality.  (but in a good way)

The game controls smoothly, everything is controlled with the stylus.  While I initially would have preffered a more traditional control scheme, I am happy they stuck with they stylus as it allows for some cool items.  Take the boomerang for instance, you simply draw the path you want it to take, and it follows.  The game takes advantage of the DS’s capabilites in all sorts of clever ways, resulting in some really neat puzzles.  You will be solving a puzzle to figure out a certain symbol, then drawing that symbol on the screen quite often, but it never seems to get old.  You will be blowing into the mic to move a windmill.  You will be doing all kinds of cool stuff.

They even added a light RPG element with the addition of force gems.  Throught the game you will be looking for 3 types of special gems: Power (red), Wisdom (blue), and Courage (green).  Once you have enough gems of a certain color, you have the option to equip one of these powers.  If you choose wisdom, you get a defense increase whereas power gives you added strength.  However the best choice is Courage, which unlocks the sword beam from the older games.

There are some flaws with the game however.  There is a dungeon called “The Temple of the Ocean King” you will be revisiting several times.  Each time you can get further into the dungeon that you could the last time.  The problem with this is it involves a lot of backtracking.  You will be solving the same puzzle several times.  Granted, once you get far enough into it, you can unlock a teleporter that lets you skip a good bit of the dungeon, but it is still annoying.  To make matters worse, it is timed so you always feel rushed and can’t quite enjoy exploring new areas of the dungeon.

The sailing is ok, but kinda boring.  It just gets kinda repetitive.  Granted, it is better than the train in Spirit Tracks, but it still is annoying.  Also, I hate the Mailman character.  I know it is only a minor complaint, but I wanted to scream every time he was on screen.  HE WAS OPENING MY MAIL AND READING IT OUT LOUD!  I AM PRETTY SURE THAT IS A FELONY!

There is also a Muliplayer mode, that includes online play.  It plays kinda like capture the flag.  One player controls link and he has to pick up force gems and move them to his goal.  The other character controls three phantoms and tries to stop link.  After link gets killed or time runs out, the players switch roles.  This happens three times, then whoever has the most points wins.  Playing it online makes for a fun little distraction when you are bored and I loved playing it with my friend that one time.  However this is more a little addon than a selling point.  It is fun but not grand.

Overall, Phantom Hourglass is a great game.  If you have a DS you need to play this game.  If you are a Zelda fan, you will not be dissapointed.  And if you are a Zelda fan, you just may become one.  (though this is admittedly not a good game to start with)


I Can’t Fight This Moblin Anymore

I finally did it!  I wrote a song!

This song is a parody of REO Speed-Wagon’s “I can’t fight this feeling anymore”  I hope you enjoy it.

I can’t fight this Moblin any longer
And yet I’m still afraid to let it go
What started out as gaming has grown harder
I only wish I the skills to grab that bow

I tell myself that I can’t play games forever
I say there is no reason for my tears
Cause I feel so confused in the dungeons
A walkthrough would give life direction, make everything so clear

And even as I wander you stay just out of sight
You’re a princess in a dungeon on a cold, dark winter’s night
And If I was getting closer, then I would still fight

But, I can’t fight this Moblin anymore
I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for
It’s time to bring this raft into the shore
And throw away the sword forever

Cause I can’t fight this Moblin anymore
I’ve forgotten what started fighting for
And if I have to crawl into that cave
Baby, I can’t fight this Moblin anymore

My life has been so confusing since I saw you
I been running around in circles getting lost
And it never seems that I can find you, girl
Cause the Triforce is in the places places that alone I’d never find

And even as I wander you stay just out of sight
You’re a princess in a dungeon on a cold, dark winter’s night
And If I was getting closer, then I would still fight

But, I can’t fight this Moblin anymore…


Nintendo E3 2010

The show started out with Reggie coming onto stage.  He wasted no time in getting straight to the point: Zelda!

He showed us a teaser video that gave us the title for the new game: SKYWARD SWORD!!!!

We were then shown a video of Mr. Miyamoto talking about how the new game will control.  He then came on screen and gave us a demo.  The sword control looks awesome!  There is 1:1 accuracy in the sword attacks. Also, he demonstrated how certain enemies can only be defeated with certain sword strikes.  The sword beam makes a reappearance.  By holding the sword to the sky, then slashing down quickly, one can fire the sword beam  He demoed many of link’s items, including Bow, Slingshot, bombs, and a new item called a beetle, it is a bug that players can fly around to pick up items, and an awesome whip.  They had some difficulty with some of the items, particularly the bow, something they blamed on interference.  However, it was still awesome!

Then he hit us with the bad news, it has been delayed until 2011.

They then mention a wii exclusive version of NBA Jam.

Next, we see a trailer for Mario Sports Mix (Coming 2011)  It contains many sports such as volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. Honestly, I was not too impressed…but I am not a sports guy.

Next we see Wii Party, which looks like Mario Party but with Miis.

We then see a trailer for Just Dance 2.

Then they announce some good news for RPG fans, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS).  I do not know anything about the series but the trailer looked good.

From there they move on to something amazing, A REMAKE OF GOLDENEYE FOR THE WII!  I love the original, and while the graphics for the new one do not look much better than the original, it still promises to be a great game.

We then see some footage of Epic Mickey, including some impressive 2d cut-scenes.  They demonstrate how to use the Thinner and Paint features, which did not impress me as much as I excerpted they would…but they did not show me enough to make a real judgment.  They demonstrated that jumping into a movie screen takes you to side scrolling levels (this is what I was waiting for!)  We see a bit of the Steamboat Willey level, then the video ends.

Next, we get another big announcement, a new Kirby game for the Wii! Kirby: Epic Yarn it is a sweet 2d sidecroller, that stars Kirby..but he is an outline made out of yarn?  In the trailer we see him pulling things and throwing then around with his Yarn, including the screen.  It is a really cute looking game, but I have no doubt that it will be just as epic as its title claims.  (Coming this fall)

Next we see a video of Dragon Quest IX, a multiplayer DS game set to debut on July 11th.

Next we see some awesome footage of Metroid: Other M, set for release on Aug 31st

We then get a new Donkey Kong Game for the Wii! Donkey Kong Country Returns is a great looking sidescroller.  I admit, I have never been a big fan of Donkey Kong, but this looks great!

The it happens: They move on to the Nintendo 3DS – The Top screen is 3d; The botton screen touch screen.  There is a swich that allows you to toggle the strength of the 3d effect, and even turn it off.  Also there is an Analog slide pad above the Dpad.  It is fully compatible with the DSi and can take photos in 3D.  Soon you will be able to buy 3D movies to watch on it, and new new hardware allows for Better Graphics.

The first launch title they announce for the 3DS? Kid Icarus: Uprising!  It looks amazing, and it is great to see a Kid Icarus game in the works.

They then mention that  Nintendogs + Cats is in the works

We then see a sideshow of a bunch of cool games coming to the 3DS.  The titles went by too fast for me to catch them all, but I did see: Mario Kart, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing, Batman, Resident Evil, and Assassins Creed.

And that was it.  The end of the best E3 confrence ever!


They announced a few new games for the 3DS after the conference including: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, and a new Paper Mario!   (I am so excited about the zelda one I can’t explain it!)


E3 2010 Preview – What I want to see! (Unconfirmed)

The Top 5 Things I want to see most that have not been confirmed to be at E3 2010:

Star Fox Wii

Again, there are plenty of rumors that this game will be at E3, but there are always rumors that this game will be at E3.  If they could pull off another Star Fox 64, then it would be amazing. Just imagine holding the wiimote sideways, and using it to pilot an Arwing.  Sends chills down your spine, right?

Battlefront 3

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am huge fan of Star Wars.  However, I do not like the directions the Star Wars game have taken lately.  The last truly amazing Star Wars game I played was Battlefront 2 (FTU was pretty good in its on right, but not amazing)  The next installment of the Battlefront Franchise has swapped hands quite a few times and seems to have vanished.  But there are rumors that it may appear at E3!  With any luck this game shall pull though.

Uncharted 3

This game has pretty much been confirmed, but there is no telling if we will see it at E3.  The first Uncharted game was unbelievable, and the second is one of the best game I have ever played.  There will be a sequel, and it will be awesome.  The question is, when?

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest DS

I am fully aware that this one sounds a little weird.  But the way I see it, if they could port Mario 64 to the Nintendo DS, why can’t they do it for OOT?  The game could appear on the top screen, with HUD information and Item Selection on the touch screen.  I honestly think it could work. And wouldn’t you like to be able to play OOT from anywhere?  I know it won’t happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

New Nintendo IP

More than anything, I want Nintendo to surprise me.  I want to see a completely new game, filled with the imagination and magic that only Ninendo can bring.  I want a new cast of lovable characters who can take their rightful place alongside Mario and Link as gaming royalty.


E3 2010 Preview – What I want to see! (Confirmed)

E3 is only a few days away and I am so excited, I can’t see straight!  There are many confirmed things that I want learn more about, and there are so many announcements I want them to make!  Here are some of the top things I want to see at E3 2010:

The Top 5 Things I want to see most that have been confirmed to be at E3 2010:

5. Portal 2

I loved the first portal, and I can’t wait for the more fleshed out sequel.  Not only will players get to face GLaDOS again, but will meet all kinds of new AIs.  (None of them make match up to GLaDOS, but I still look foward to meeting them)  While the game’s recent delay is unfortunate, Valve has a surprise announcement to make about this game, and I’m all ears!

4. Metroid: Other M

Who says Nintendo is afraid to take risks?  Other M takes the biggest constant in the Metroid series, a silent Samus, and throws it out the window.  This game has an odd mechanic of switching between side-scrolling and 1st person. This game is definitely going to be a hit or miss…but considering that this is a Metroid game, I bet it will be a hit.

3. Infamous 2

If you played the first Infamous until its conclusion, then how its ending practically begs for a sequel. I would give anything for another run around Empire City, especially with new powers.  The original Infamous set the bar for open world super-hero games, and I have faith that Infamous 2 will live up to the original.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

I loved the first Batman, and have high hopes for the new one.  However, I will admit that I am more skeptical about this one than I am anything else on the list.  Will it be a worthwhile continuation of the greatest Batman gamer ever?  Or will it be another game to throw onto of the pile of Sequels that shouldn’t be?

1. Zelda Wii

This is by far, my most Anticipated game of E3.  Ninendo has given us almost no information about the new Zelda game (which is supposedly supposed to come out in early November) aside from little cryptic clues.  They have told us they would give us more info at E3, and the time has almost come!  So many rumors are about be busted or confirmed, and even more rumors will probably surface after the show.  But I can’t wait.  With any luck they will show us some game-play footage, in addition to a title.

Well, those are the things I look foward to most…be sure to check out my coverage of E3 later this week!


Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (4.5/5)

I think that when they first announced Spirit Tracks, Zelda fans all over the world became very confused.  The game was said to have Link portrayed as a train engineer.  “Since when does Hyrule have that kind of technology?,”  we all wondered.  However, this is a Zelda game, so it is bound to be good.  Next came a new announcement, Princess Zelda will be joining link through out the entire quest, in spirit form, and will even be able to possess suits of armor, called phantoms, to help Link directly.  Now we were rejoicing, a chance to fight along Zelda is like a dream come true.  We knew that this was going to be a great game.

And we were right.  Spirit Tracks is a wonderful addition to the series we all hold so dear.

The controls are surprisingly simple, the game can be played using only the stylus. (though there are a few occasions when you can hit a button instead)  However, this system works well and is very intuitive.  The music is beautiful, some of the best in the series.  (IMHO)

Having Zelda by your side through the entire adventure is…unique to say the least.  At first it feels like a letdown, she sounds like a whiny brat.  Luckily, before long she grows on you, and has even managed to become one of my favorite versions of Zelda.  Being able to control Zelda (in the form of a phantom) adds a great twist to the dungeon format.  Teamwork-based puzzles add a lot of variety and make for some very fun gameplay.  However, the phantom walks much slower than Link, and you find yourself having to wait for her to catch up way too often.  Controling her is fairly simple, just draw the path you want her to take.  For the most part she follows your instructions perfectly, but it does mess up sometimes.

The train gameplay is a mixed bag.  One one hand, they give you plenty to do while riding the train (cathing bunnies, shooting enemies and rocks, and avoiding other trains) but on the other hand, it gets boring at times.  Also, if you crash into a train, you have to start from the beginning (something annoying if you are making a long trip)  For the most part, it is not a fun experience, but there are a few special sequences that turn out to be great.  To sum it up, the train is about equal to the boat in Wind Waker.

Overall, this is a spectacular game, and if you are a DS owner, you owe it to yourself to play this title.


Top 5 Games to Keep You From Feeling Lonely on Valentines Day

Well, Valentine’s day is almost here.  This means couples all around the country are going to be celebrating the fact that they are not single…or something like that.  Unfortunately we are nerds, and most of us are single.  So what are we going to do?  What we always do….PLAY VIDEOGAMES!!!  So here is a nice little list of games (from my collection) that will keep you from feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day.

5. InFamous

Being at the center of the explosion that killed thousands of people and threw a town into total anarchy, makes you seem responsible.  As a result, everyone hates you.  As you try to win back the trust of the citizens (or just fry them) you realize you only have one friend in the world…and he is kinda creepy. No one feels more alone than Cole, which will make your pathetic love life look a lot better by comparison!  Not to mention, this game to pure fun.  InFamous is a perfect way to spend an otherwise lonely v-day.

4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (1 or 2)
In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, you are never alone!  You play as a team of superheroes and they fight bad guys and save the world.  With plenty of characters you can choose from to make your team, you will never feel lonely again*!  The best part of this game is that you can play with up to four friends!  Invite your other single nerd friends to come over for a totally un-romantic, v-day game marathon.  I mean, with all these superheroes punching supervillians, who needs females?

*note: you will, in fact, feel lonely again as soon as you turn off your tv

3. Super Paper Mario

In my opinion, this is the best Mario game for the wii.  Its creative, its innovative, its epic, and its sweet story actually fits in well with the holiday.  Play this game and you are guaranteed to have a great v-day.

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
V-Day is all about romance, and what is the opposite of romance?  FIGHTING!  That’s why this game is perfect for V-Day, what can be more entertaining than seeing your favorite Nintendo characters battle it out?  Seeing it happen with friends!  Yes, this game is also a great multiplayer game for you to play with your other dateless friends on V-Day.

1. Spirit Tracks
Spirit Tracks differs from other zelda games in that the princess accompanies you throughout the entire game.  And she is not just a voice to give you “hints” and remind you of what to do, like Navi or Minda.  Zelda, stuck in a spirit form, can possess walking suits of armor called phantoms.  Many of the puzzles and battles in this game can only be completed by having Zelda and Link work together.  This game is certainly keep you from feeling lonely as you immerse yourself into the amazingly charming world that Nintendo has put together for us.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (4.5/5)

I would like to start out this review by saying that this is my least favroite Zelda game so far.  However, that is not really a negative comment.  Saying “my least favroite Zelda” is like saying “my least favroite hundred dollar bill.”  This is a masterpiece of a game.

Everything feels like a Zelda game.  There is beautiful music, a colorful cast of characters, an amazing story, great gameplay filled with crafty puzzels.  Its almost perfect.

I can’t even say the sailing mechanic was bad.  Don’t get me wrong…it gets boring and tedious at times.  It is overused, but it is not neccecarily a flawed concept.  At times, sailing on the open seas with Link is a blast.  The game just depends on it a little too much.

Also, there was much debate among fans regarding the cartoony style-graphics.  Personally, I prefer the more realistic graphics of Twillight Princess, but I don’t have any problems with this style.  It fits well with the feel of the game.

Overall, this is a masterpiece of a game.  I would definetly reccomend it.  However, if you have never played a Zelda game before, I might suggest playing Twillight Princess first, as it is a better game.


The Legned of Zelda: Twilight Princess (5/5)


This game is a masterpiece.

In The Legend of Zelda: Twillight Princess you play as link trying to save hyrule from evil…as always.  But of course, there is a catch, Hyrule is not the only land that is in danger.  An evil power (and I am sure you can figure out who that is!) is blending the world of light with the world of shadows (aka, the twillight relm) and only you can stop him.  The gameplay is similar to that of Ocarina of time or Wind Waker, but with wii controls.  The motion sensing works nicely, giving an added feel of realism.

What really mixes it up though is that Link can turn into a wolf.  As a wolf, Link can dig, smell, and use a wolf sense to see otherwise invisible things.  The wolf form is a fun way to break up the gameplay, but is not quite as fun as being human.  Acually, they break up the gameplay quite nicely throughout the whole game with things such as horseback riding, flying (a giant bird), rowing a boat, and fishing.  (though the fising is not as fun as it was in Ocarina)

Also, link has a new sidekick and she is much less irritating than Navi.  Midna, is an imp from the Twillight relm that helps link through his journey.  At the beginning she seemed annoying but she grows on you, becoming one of the best characters in the series.  Acually, this game is filled with all sorts of wonderfull characters who aid Link in one way or another.

This game really manages to feel like an epic adventure.  You really feel as though you are Link, saving the kingdom.  Which, is the charm of the Zelda series.  This game is huge, it took me over 45 hours to complete it, but every minuit is worth it.

Overall, this is one of the greatest games I have ever played.  I would recommend it to anyone who plays videogames.

(oh, and thank you again Earl for lending it to me)

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